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The EU may be about to collapse. Most of southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece) are in deep financial trouble.

The national populous have taken power in Italy and essentially stopped accepting illegal immigrants. Additionally, Italy is very critical of the EU and the globalist agenda. If Brexit happens and perhaps Poland and/or Hungary begin their exit, I think Italy may follow.

Portugal is in serious debt and not happy with the EU dictating reforms when those reforms are in the interest of the EU banks and not the Portugese people.

Spain is in deep financial trouble and is experiencing its own internal separatist movement. It is not happy with the EU.

Greece is in permanent turmoil and on the verge of economy collapse.

About 60-70 percent of the French would vote for Frexit if there were a referendum.

Leading economists and political analysts in Europe agree that the globalist agenda is in serious trouble and are appealing to the EU to fix it or it will only get worse.

Populous movements through out Europe are gaining momentum as evidenced by the mass protests.

Also the nationalist / populous political parties in Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and others are growing in numbers and influence in the parliaments. Most now have 20-25 percent of the vote where just two years ago they only had about 5 percent.

It's going to be interesting to see how this all turns out.

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I wanted to bail them out myself for as much as they needed a few years ago. For a small 1% fee of course for monetizing their debt. All countries buy debt because one mans debt is another mans asset.

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The EU is just another form of autocratic state vis a vis the Soviet union. People are just too stupid to realize it.

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Greece is one of the most beautiful cultures in Europe. Yet, what the Globalist Agends did to this country through migration is devastating! Love you Greece ! And it's citizens. Take back your country and culture !!!!!

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When you look at the old greek art, they were white. You wont find any local white people in greece, they have had many islamic invasions. I presume they must have fought fierce to save some form of civilized culture.

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Yes, They also believe in not working. Get government money.

Ask greeks in America,that own businesses they will tell you, native greeks work half the day.

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This will be interesting.

If the citizens overthrow their government, I wonder if the (((UN))) and (((NATO))) will send "humanitarian forces" to "help" by disarming the population and destroying their farming infrastructure and sabotaging their power plants? I wonder if their (((Federal Reserve))) will destroy their economy?

Pay attention people because we may be about to witness our own future if not everything "goes to plan" for us.

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Greece should've been burned down a long fucking time ago. They're a money pit.

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In loving memory of the legendary Greek riot dog, Loukanikos (Sausage): https://youtu.be/Hkvjt7Epwf0

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Every believes in freedom when you ask them until they have to make a sacrifice.

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The ultimate freedom is National Socialism, prove me wrong

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Don't have to. History has already proved you wrong. "The Eternal...LOSERS"

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It's a fairy tale. Can't even walk across the street by yourself without some jackboot extorting money from you. Instead of helping you get across safely he will give you a ticket.

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