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Cut it out with the “BREAKING!” clickbait bullshit. Good theory though, bad execution with the douchebag title.

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I also hate when people say "BOMBSHELL" all the time when it's usually more like a sub Sonic .22 shell.

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Damn we are easy to distract.

Dude just wrote a great post and we're all "man I really irks me when people put THIS in the title"

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If it's a quote why down vote? I got x for the word in a quote and a nasty note.

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Agreed, if a bombshell is ever dropped, we won't see it coming, otherwise it wouldn't be a bombshell.

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Hush up cupcake. You dont call the shots here. It's a perfectly valid title and the info is good.

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no, no it's not a valid title.

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It isn't info. It is female gossipy speculation. Faggotry.

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And the headline is not good.

[–] 16226754? 4 points 4 points (+8|-4) ago 

It's high school level speculation, and full of shit.

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Agreed. Nothing 'breaking' at all. Shit title.

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I think there might be some merit to his discussion.


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BREAKING: there isn't any merit

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BREAKING: someone posted the same theory in an older post yesterday!

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Jesus, Brazile can't decide who's side she's on. One minute she spilling guts to save her big black fat @$$, the next she's touting Pelosi as next president and Trump dead.

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President Pelosi? That's a very scary thought...

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I've seen ZERO evidence of the 93 family members number, only people on here regurgitating it as it were in any way a fact....

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CNN reported it...


Then they changed the story. No surprise.

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tl;dr misinterpretation of a Judicial Watch article apparently.

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could someone please tell me what tl;dr stands for? I keep seeing it.

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Why was Nancy Pelosi so eager to Suddenly fly away from the country? with 92 people (6Dem reps, 85 family) +a lot of luggage?

Can you substantiate this?

Why Pelosi wanted to personally select the crew of the Military airplane?


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I've been asking all the people who keep regurgitating the 93 number for proof, and not a single one can show me where this magic number came from.... that bus cant even hold half that number....

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I have looked for sauce on those numbers my self and have found nothing that can back that claim up.

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Word is that the Marine who was killed in the WH over Christmas holiday was part of a rogue unit sent to assassinate him; fortunately there was intel from an interrogation in Russia that alerted SS, who had a shoot out with the assassin.

She was probably just making sure she could put together a team of rogue/bribed/blackmailed/leveraged personnel

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DC barracks and the White House are two different places.

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Where did you get that word (information) about that?

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Tom Fitton released docs showing she requested a certain crew in 2015 but I have’t heard she requested this again on the latest trip. The only other thing that gives credence to this post that should be added is Donna Brazell’s tweet from last night calling Pelosi President. Sorry I don’t have the sauce to post but a quick twatter search will get you what you need.

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Could it be that Donna Brazil was turned a while back and everyone's just falling on their sword to expose themselves at the appointed time? Hard to believe they could be that arrogant and stupid (think Elizabeth Warren proudly releasing dna results proving she's a fraud, Avenatti posting pic of airplane in cross hairs day missile fired at AF1, Pelosi being SO obvious about her corruption, refusing to see her own Angel Mom constituents) . . . but then again . . .

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Lemme 'splain, Lucy. Brazile and Warren were using the time honored democrat m.o. of getting the damaging info out in the open and circulating on their terms for a bit to dampen its affect. Brazile is still a Hillary supporter.

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Too bad Avenatti has blocked me, he fucking hates truth.

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Have you heard Donna Brazil speaking? - she's stupid even for a Negro.

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Nah, Donna's just a stupid nig.

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God Bless President Trump ,His Family and the Team of humanitarian Patriots working with President Trump ! Keep Them Safe !

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Why did Donna Brazile tweet that! There was something going on definitely

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Nancy will answer to the King

The new King God Promised

Things are about to Change

God is rather upset at a few people.


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Good post OP. Shills out in full force today.

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Ty patriot :) means a lot.

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Only God knows the truth and if we know Him we must trust that He is in control. He is calling all christians to pray especially this weekend. Only our Heavenly Father can bring Lightness to the Dark and He is. Keep praying and showing God's love to all.

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