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I understand what you're trying to say, but here's the issue as I see it:

Regardless of she's ability to mod, her moral standings, or her group of friends, it was made very clear that the majority of the askvoat community did not want her to be the owner of the sub. The spirit of Voat is that of democracy, i.e. majority rules. So, regardless of the majority's position or reasons, shouldn't the fact that they nearly unanimously voted no be enough? If the community doesn't want she as a mod, why should she be a mod?

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The OP's post is claiming that there was an SJW takeover of AskVoat, and he makes claims, unsupported by evidence, that Moe and She are friends. When challenged to back this claim up, he shifts responsibility and says "ask them." The burden of responsibility is on the OP to prove what he's claiming here.

The only thing he's proven is that her valid subverse request was given priority over other ones that were in the backlog. This is hardly evidence of cronyism, as he claims.

If you wish to say that users should have the ability to kick out mods they don't like, fine...that's going to require some carefully crafted rules to make sure it's not abused by the SJWs themselves (I can easily imagine SJWs organizing witch hunts and false flags until they're the ones that get into power). That sounds like a discussion worth having.

Does anyone have any evidence that the subverse request was invalid, or that She actually received treatment more preferential than simply having to wait a day instead of a few days to have her request tended to?


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You're putting too much faith on people or you're just pulling Steve Huffman and waiting for Voat to grow, playing the right tunes as each community outrage occurs. I've already seen mods and admins interact on a rather too friendly terms, and that can only lead to more cases of cronyism/decisions that favors inner circles. It would be wise to cease any communications with the mods outside professional activities.

OR you should consider going completely modless and make most processes automatic. You could easily create a self moderated community system where users get points for accurate downvoting/marking items for deletion. Subverses could work more like hashtags than the current closed in system. Anything that can work without mods and subverse ownership system will be for better.

For this to be just a clone of Reddit, you will repeat its mistakes. It's important for you to understand that while this is your website, the people who populate this community are largely by nature ideologically charged. We're here because we left a SJW/pro-censorship site. Ergo we are anti-SJW and anti-censorship. If you are not ideologically in line with your community, let us know early so we can find another site. Don't play the long con on the very people who made Voat grow in the early days.

Listen to your community and don't play the PR game. Stopping SJW infiltration on this site will be a game of whack-a-mole and we're going to require your active participation.


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Thank you, I have demonstrated many times over how I am listening to Voat users and this time will not be any different. We'll come out with a new announcement in a few days detailing our plan and our next course of action.


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I'm a 6 month old account and I donated $20 to the site not long after I joined. I'm deleting this account in 24hrs if the askvoat situation is not fixed. There's already mod abuse on other subverses (news) but put tito ut ' s decision was a slap in the face to the community. If that's how you're going to run the site, I'm out of here. It's not free speech if some of the most hated reddit-tier power users get preferential treatment at the expense of the community


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What you're asking for would create the need for us to continue getting involved every time a moderator decides to do something Voat users don't approve of.

You're already way, way involved in this one.

It would be nice to see some kind of genuine attempt at addressing some of these points that he's made. I realise your time (and probably patience when it comes to this debacle) is limited. If it's of any consolation, you're not the only one.