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I think I'll have to agree with him in some sense. I first heard of him way back in the past when he was being downvoted by the old SDBH guard and sent all sorts of shit in his PMs. At least that's when he came on the radar as an issue. Ironically things aren't all that different for him today. Then after the Sane thing came and went we had a big contingent of users who had set up bots and alts to combat her, who needed a target and that was the old MYG. He is far more important now than he should be because the opposite side has built him up to be exactly that. I don't think he is a threat at all, as much as I never thought Amalek was much of a threat either.

The biggest threat to Voat is it getting mired down in drama and that spilling over to the parts of the site where people just aren't interested in it and dismiss it and leave.

You yourself should remember one of the goals of SDBH was to make PV a drama filled sub so people would dismiss it. They also said they would use different names.



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Erm, I don't remember stuff like that very well. I only remember the /u/NoahWard username barely.

So Sane/myg/freshmeat was attacked by SDBH and now has an issue with SBBH and Voat? What opposite side?

As for your second paragraph, guess I'll take this to /v/whatever.


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I just have a memory for things like that and I archive them when I see it. Finding the archives though is getting harder and harder. There are a lot of people that would be a lot happier if PV wasn't in the way and like @PuttitOut said Voat pisses off some powerful people. I think it's fair to say this sub does as well.

I'm not sure what motivates freshmeat and co and I don't particularly care too much, if we focus on mod abuse the we cant go wrong.


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You missed @tallest_skil