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That video made me cringe.


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The reason Milo is was loved so much is how he doesn't say things that are nice or very comfortable with everyone. I will add that video does not include his comments on age of consent (he said it was about right).

Also pay attention, its been edited at the 1:22 to 1:23 mark for some reason, personally I'd guess for brevity but still I'd a be a little suspicious of that linked video being 100% accurate (if its 90% accurate its a pretty nasty opinion) because its not 100% of the conversation.


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No. Pedophilia is wrong. You are advocating it. Milo was not. You probably need help. I said probably because I don't know you.


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I have been too busy to delve into it deeply but something I have learned over the last 20 years, If the mainstream media is reporting on it be suspicious of what they say is true.

I am not defending Milo.

I am aware that the media is a weapon and that public opinion is the victim.

Be suspicious.


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There is video of him talking about pedos, somewhat defending them and laughing about what they do. He's dead meat IMO.


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Pretty sure it was on JRE.