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utter bullshit. Capitalism replaced her ability to self sustain from the environment? Bitch would be dying from malaria in a mud hut if other africans hadn't sold her ancestors to jew slavers.

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She wouldn't be alive if there was no such thing as the white taxpayer.

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have you seen the squalor? Fucking chimps live cleaner

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Ssshhh dont even reply to it... that would imply a serious discussion. Just marble in the stupidity of the monkey.

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If I had a reddit account, I'd post this as a response:

"Hi. White man here. I also steal everything I can from those big stores and I've never been caught. I never steal anything I need or even want, I just take advantage of the situation as it presents itself and steal stuff whenever I see blacks in the same aisle as me. I try to snatch products that are designed for African-Americans too, like hair products and weaves. Got a room full of hot sauce, Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme and Wakanda toys. I've stolen so much crap that the local Walmart has started locking up the African products behind glass shelves. How do I get away with it? Simple. All the cameras and security are focused on the black shoppers. I don't even have to hide the crap. I just throw it in the cart and casually stuff it in my pockets as the guards are following the blacks. Thanks for running cover, negroes."

Bet that would piss them off.

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True genius ! I can see the chimps flinging feces as they read that.

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Great response!! You would get banned,it's how reddut responds to normal thinking.

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That just made my night!

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Mayans and Aztecs no longer exist. They have been absorbed into the mess of the conquered we now call Mexicans.

Can't even blame Europeans for that- they did it to themselves long before white men reached Central America.

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If she is that vehement about it she should fuck right out of a white society, and carry her fat nig ass back to Apefrica.

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[expecting nog female to do something for herself]

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She should move to Wakanda, I hear it's paradise.

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Of course she used loose instead of lose. I hope she gets put down for good on her next attempt.

I steal but it's legit cause everyone else is racist.

Die you fucking cretin.

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I’m more inclined to believe this is a chan anon stoking the coals

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