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I started watching The Outer Limits last night, they were a little dated and kind of campy at times but still entertaining.

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Which series? The 90s or 60s. I love the 90s version. A few of them are campy but most are pretty good. It's too bad that youtube doesn't have many episodes, especially ones that can be embedded.

So last time I played Outer Limits for the pre-chat. I think I'll get a few episodes with torrent.

[–] jqueso ago 

Amazon Prime has the 90's version. The first episode had Beau and Lloyd Bridges and was pretty cool/weird. I liked it a lot. And I'm pretty sure one of the sets was re-used in a later episode but that added to the charm.

Even though it's more "horror" focused, Tales from the Crypt might be good to add to the rotation.

[–] fusir [S] ago 

So movie ideas I can think of are Pitch Black, Fifth Element, 2001 A space odyssey, Planet of the Apes, Serenity.