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Needs 100 more pounds, short shorts, and blue hair dye.

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Those whore yoga pants fit the bill

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bunch of metal in the face

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There is nothing inherently bad about the toe-grabbing. I do it all the time (clean hands and feet of course) it sort of "stretches" the toes sideways and feels good after 11 hours of wearing tight steel-toed boots.

The fast food bit is bad but otherwise this is another male/female D&C post

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The muscles in your feet get incredibly gnarled up. I once went to get a massage and after the masseuse worked on my feet it felt like I was walking on air.

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People tend to assume feet and privates are 100% dirty 100% of the time. Why, I have no idea.

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Do you do it while eating with your hands?

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missing the joke this much

The joke is that she doesn't have a man's hand to hold, so she holds her own foot. It has nothing to do with whether toe grabbing is bad.

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Literally no one was thinking that but you but okay, you're in on the big joke if it makes you feel better

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Eat the pain away sister. Who needs a man when you got a selfish attitude and slothy habits.

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That's super gross... why is she holding her foot? Why is she eating garbabe? How did we get to thos point?

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For the physical satisfaction of having her hand held.

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She has a slew of cats...

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add 50 pounds

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Long time ago I saw some pictures from a Reddit meetup. They definitely looked exactly as expected.

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