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Isn't the nigger's father a kike?

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https://archive.ph/cVk7n :

2019-05-12 | Meghan Markle ex Trevor Engelson is hoisted for the hora following Jewish wedding to Tracey Kurland | Daily Mail Online

'It was a traditional Jewish wedding, with the couple marrying under a canopy and Engelson breaking a glass to conclude the ceremony. '

'Engelson proposed to Kurland one month after that wedding while the pair were on a wine tour. ', "Engelson himself posted a group photo from the weekend, shot outside the same restaurant, with the message

'No caption necessary'.", "Trevor Engelson, 42, said 'I do' to his very own princess over the weekend, with the Hollywood talent manager marrying 32-year-old Tracey Kurland, a Columbia-educated nutritionist.", "And Engelson's wife-to-be Tracey Kurland, who went on her own bachelorette party to Hawaii just four weeks ago, contributed with a joke."

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