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She took her 30 pieces of silver though, and now she's rich but unappealing, so she can afford to blow the whistle.

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https://archive.ph/gLspi :

2019-04-28 | Joan Collins says studio head offered her Liz Taylor's Cleopatra role if she slept with him | Daily Mail Online

'I couldn’t and I wouldn’t — the very thought of these old men was utterly repugnant. '

'I was dancing with one of the men who was the head of the studio. '

'The dynastic Joan Collins opened up about everything from her career and courtships to Cleopatra and the casting couch during an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning. ', "When asked if she was in love with Beatty, she responded: 'I think so."

'Collins touched on some of the may men in her life, from her love affair with Warren Beatty and on-set romance with Harry Belafonte to her five husbands - whom she ranked during the interview. '

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"Buddy Adler"