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The interesting thing about this is that, despite the harder college admission, despite having teachers biased against you, despite niggers, spics, and muslims getting job offers before you, despite all that, white and asians still out perform and out produce every nigger, spic, and muslim combined.

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Incorrect: lazy nigger should still be slacking behind.

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And complaining that the white kid has an unfair advantage.

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No joke. Black kid makes a class unteachable by their behavior 2 to 3 times a week, gets sent to the principals office, they let them play video games on tablet. Yes, this happens.

White or Asian kid does that, serious consequences instantly.

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The white vs black paradigm in the pic is effective but kinda grates on me, insofar as there is a sneaky premise stuck in there. Yes, "people who shared a white skin colour did some bad things before I was born", but if we're referring to slavery in the US For instance, cultural identity semed to have more to do with it. There was a post earlier asserting that 1.6% of the population in the US at the peak of slavery, owned slaves, and that this was made up of 40% of the Jewish population at that time. Not what is called "white" today.

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What's interesting is that this was choreographed thousands of years ago in history with the canonization of the Bible and Jesus (a Jew who grew tired of Jews Jewing) throwing the money lenders out of the Temples. Since that was incorporated, money lending was something looked down on by Christians (and Muslims) and mostly left to the Jews. Surprise, [no] surprise: it's an incredibly useful and profitable business and now the 1% has a disproportionate number of Jews in it. In addition to being a "minority", what else does an insane amount of money get you when it comes to college admissions?

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Jews do not share my skin color or nose size.

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Nigger is WAY too far ahead. He should be miles behind whitey.

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and a neon-haired tranny throwing rocks at the white boy

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