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The problem is you're calling a kid with that appearance "100% Chinese" when in fact that's just the appearance because those traits are dominant.

That's just appearance. That has nothing to do with that almost unique "whiteness" that is intelligence, logic, and reasoning. You'd really need a DNA test for anything deeper than appearance. Kinda like judging a book by its cover.

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true but come on let's be honest and admit that the kid is gonna be a typical hapa, except he may replace school shooting with alcoholism

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Well, there is a lot of mongol in Russians, but to be fair to the baby, a child get's most of it's DNA from the father... so there you go.

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Have you seen Finns though..

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nice divide and conquer

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This is what central asia looks like because the mongol armies came through, killed a bunch of men and raped all the women, then left to the next village to do it all over again.

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slavs are partly asian by lineage already

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You need proof that slavs are subhuman?

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Russian military commander as a baby on the left with his Russian mother, and on the right as an adult

holy shit