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Huh? Columbia breakup (STS-107) was the shuttle program's 113'th flight out of 135 total. NASA flew 22 manned flights after Columbia.

Do you just mean "NASA has not flown a different manned spacecraft since the shuttle program"?

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yes another, as in a replacement or different designed spaceship. Shuttle was always re-used where as the Commie Soviets and Russians build a new Soyuz every time it is launched to space flight, Shuttle was hugely complex, using it again as a reuseable vehicle only added to the complexity. Btw I have a bunch of commie faggots stalking my posts here, trying to down vote me to zero or - minus posts, they seem to be exactly like the nigger fags you find at reddit, I thought this site respected free speech?

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Agreed. The shuttle sounded like a good idea but there was never any way it was going to be lower cost than a throw away IMHO. Not a bad try considering they started designing the thing in '69 though.

Sorry about the commie-fags!

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10 day old account spewing false news. Go fuck yourself

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God hates diversity.

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Sad story, I remember that day like yesterday, watching tv and feeling terrible pain. Shame that NASA didn't continue with manned spacecraft program

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That day Columbia was on a secret mission by the CIA to take spy photos of Russia and after Russia saw the shuttle divert its normal route and fly over the top of their continent they decided to shoot it out of the sky with a particle beam accelerator.


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Also, seven asteroids orbiting the sun between Mars and Jupiter now bear the crew's names.

So... NASA means either "Need Another Seven Astronauts" ... or "Name Another Seven Asteroids" ... got it.

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All 7 crew members lost their lives.

If it was anything like the Challenger, that's doubtful.

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Can you tell me more about it?

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I guess space boy here doesn't know the earth is in reality flat as fuck, and NASA is nothing more than adult sesame street? Get a clue boy.

It's all a big puppet show.

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Voat shills downvoating you. Earth is flat and unmoving just like the bible says.

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