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Betrayed, or a sting operation?

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Sting, 100%.

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I hope you're right.

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Yes, it was a set up to catch LEAKERS:

Retired Military Officer Explains What Just "Went Down" This Past Week (re: Iran), and What to Expect for This Coming Week


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These people are stupid. And desperate.

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Exactly. Why do you think POTUS used the number of casualties in his tweet? He was signalling to someone that “we khow who you are beyotch”. Now I just have to figure out the significance of the number 150.

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The “150” is an epic troll of Trump telling them how stupid they were. Has Obama minions written over it.

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150 Iran civilian were placed at the target to maximize the political outcry of civilian deaths from the socialist/liberal party once known as the Democratic Party. Just another FALSE FLAG prevented by the Trump administration.

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MI sting to identify and plug leaks known to still exist … these people are stupid … Q

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Chuck and Nancy are very fucked They just committed treason. Again.

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I’d say sting. If it’s Israel then this may be the season that they will be dealt with last.

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Definitely. I see Mossad out in the Strait of Hormuz with their Limpet mines - oh shit! One didn't detonate! Better go back and get it! See Mossad shooting down the drone, blaming Iran for it. Mossad forwarding the intel to the Iranians. Well, here it is. We're finally at the scene of the movie when Chucky and Nancy are so truly desperate. Nancy will dissolve into a babbling incoherent and drunken mess of lip spittle. We see the beads of perspiration slipping down Chucky's curved kike beak as his eyes bulge from his head in panic, his sphincter tightened upon realizing Pres. Trump just trolled his shit yet again. LOVE our President!!

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Crying chuck is a citizen of Israel and against abortion of Israelis, but 100 percent for abortion of Americans.


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Is that why those 2 TRAITORS were high-fiving and dancing -- thinking about our soldiers being killed?

Can we PLEASE remove these dangerous, treasonous traitors from office?

It's getting more dangerous every day.


How long can we put up with it?

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Select targets given to Schumer/Pelosi...who than meet with J. Brennan who passes info to...Kerry??? Logan Act sting. When Trump brings Iran to the table the first order of business will be full disclosure of where the $$$ went. ALL the signatories had their hand in the pot.

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Agree totally. Also, if they know who is calling the false flags & generally the location - these people all need to be round up.

Remember all the dog tweets lately?

[–] Pinecones ago 

And dogs run in packs

[–] satisfyinghump ago 

Whats the inportance of them?

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Lock them up, these messages are encrypted and probably able to be tracked.

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Treason has only been rewarded in modern day USA.

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Definitely a sting operation. No way POTUS was going to attack Iran. NO WAY US pilots would be involved, when US military could use cruise missiles. More disinformation/bait for the cabal and they fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I'm quite confident that the "leakers" are already identified, also. :) WWG1WGA! MAGA!

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I agree. It jerked Iran's chain and allowed our satellites the opportunity to see how responsive they are and where the hidden anti aircraft arms were at. POTUS was signalling someone with that 150. Maybe the leak was fictional too to see who reacted to the notion.

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Did you notice that the 1 in 1.8 in his chirp is actually an I?

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Thats what i was thinking, why put pilots/military in harms way, when we have so may weapons that could wreak havoc( more sanctions, DEW, cyber attacks,freezing assets,etc.)...only thing that make sense, is it was a trap to draw out some more swamp turds..

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No attack? Dammit... now the CIA will have to move all those sick women, children and babies in incubators out of the target zones and back to the hospitals where they got them.

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I thought that the CIa spyring in iran was busted.....I am sure they can come up with some refugee who is well prepared for testimony @ con-gress

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Just another parade ...

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It should be a simple matter of rounding them up and trying them for treason. If we know what version of the list it was, who had access to that list, and how Iran got the info, then just arrest them all. This country has become too tame because of endless "investigations."

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"tame" more like a oligarchy of corruption

[–] FirstDamsel ago 

AND NO convictions!

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Any significant first wave of strikes would consist of stand off long range JASSM missiles, tomahawk cruise missiles, and possibly B2 stealth incursion. It would occur at night, and would be proceeded by diversionary actions to expose and misdirect air defenses. It's possible microwave missiles would take out command and control first, maybe supplemented by jamming or wild weasel aircraft. With the extensive capabilities we have available, it would be foolish to risk many pilots on a first wave, and any suggestion that we might do so is just bait for a trap to expose traitorous leakers. Trap sprung.

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Thanks for the detail in your post.

Seems like you are describing very closely to what trump did to syria shortly after he was elected and was having dinner with chairman Xi.

Thought it odd trump called in the "gang (appropriate name) of 8 plus MI to discuss the Iran situation.

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Maybe it was a trap to locate the leakers. Hmmm. And, Trump got the Dems to do their little dance. All in all, probably a profitable exercise.

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5 Dancing Israelis....now 6 with [CS] added?

[–] Mscss ago 


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"As we proceed from this point, the leakers will be totally isolated from future target deliberations."

Fuck that, they need to be put before a firing squad

They GAVE the "ENEMY" a list of TARGETS that allowed them to shore up their defenses and would have resulted in the deaths of OUR armed forces

This is the HEIGHT of TREASON and were just going to give the fuckers the silent treatment?!


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