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Mr President. President Trump. President.

And it's Former President Soetoro fucking msm cucks


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I would say it's more like former failed president soetoro msm cucks.


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Well I have to admit I just call him Trump a lot of the time, but it's definitely not because I think less of him than filthy traitor Obama. It's just that Trump is shorter and more convenient when typing. I have to be honest too and say that I NEVER did say OR write President before Obama because I never did feel like he deserved the title. I did and always will believe that both his terms were stolen. I'm sure the 2nd term was, and if the 1st one wasn't stolen by votes, it was sold to the puppets by the msm BS and because the Rep candidate didn't appear a lot better.


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And he was not born in American, so his presidency is illigitimate... that is why I never use president and 0bama together.


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Every fucking time.