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Senate Democrats accepted an offer from Senate Republicans to confirm 15 lifetime federal judges on Thursday in exchange for the ability to go into recess through the midterms so endangered Democrats can campaign.

Are you tired of winning yet?

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No, not at all, lol

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Checkmate... This is their last ditch effort to gain control. We as patriots need to do our part and not let this happen. WWGOWGA!

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I still want to know who the Judges are!

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This seems to be what President Trump does......look at my right hand, but not the other. I always said that was what Oblamer did, but President Trump has perfected it and I say GOOD FOR HIM (and us Patriots). He learned a lot while he was a democrat- love that he is using it against them now!

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Steve bannon said in an interview; Trump will throw a 'flash bang' to distract, while he gets on with the real stuff. What is a laser pointer for? I still think their 'fall out' is part of the show. Bannon still works for DJT. New stars are to be revealed in this movie yet.

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How did he get them all confirmed? Marshalls too? Something big happened? Dem's wouldn't confirm for nothing!! Something happened to get all of these seats full in a week????????

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Try reading the article. Republicans, in return, started a recess through the midterm election, so that the Democrats could go campaign.

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Is this so Trump can make recess appointments while the congress is out? Of course this could be set up to happen with the Republican majority leaders before it happens so Trump can get his other appointment put in.

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I just don't see them giving him this win that easy? Look at DOJ, AG, Courts and Marshalls...not all but a lot are finally filling!!! CA got a boatload of new justices!!

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That's what Im wondering.. how many of these Judges are liberals.. We know nothing.

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they were all nominated by Trump, so none

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Almost time for the MOAB! DECLASS!!

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In my initial quick DuckDuckGo search, I am not finding to which circuits these judges were appointed. Purely speculation because of lack of more info, but Sen. Cuck Schumer likely didn’t allow any significant shift in any of the more liberal circuits like the 9th.. These were likely to go through anyway, but A WIN IS A WIN. And that my friend, never gets old...

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So far I am not overly impressed, Hope I am wrong, I can clearly see why the Dems let this list pass, they got about 50% of who they wanted and we got about 50%. doing more homework now, but not real happy so far, However, with that said.. any of their decisions can be taken to the Supreme court where we now stand pretty good!

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I know that the 9th circuit circus court got 2 new constitutional judges.

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AAAAND POTUS just slid another one in under the wire! MAGA!!

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