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Related Fed info from my stash:

The Federal Reserve, Central banks, World Banks, Creating money from thin air.

The Fed needs to be audited and restructured to work for US again.

For those that need a refresher on our money system. Learn it, because it needs to go ASAP. We need........

Greenbacks and notes, like Lincoln did before the Civil War. Payed off the debt and the cost of the war. Told the bankers to pack sand. (see Money Masters link below) I've been posting these links on every thread I find related to the money system. Enjoy!

How long do we work per year just to pay taxes? 4-5 months? What could you do for your family if you could actually save/spend this money how you see fit?


Who Controls the Money Controls the World - 13mins

Collapse of the American Dream Animation - 30mins

Money Masters 1800 ( https:// youtu.be/HBk5XV1ExoQ?t=4503 ) - Bill Still - This starts at a part about Lincoln/Civil War funding, but the entire vid is worth watching.

97% Owned ~ Economic Truth - From a EU prospective, 2hrs

Princes of the Yen Central Bank Truth Documentary – Asian prospective, - 90min

Hidden Secrets of Money - episode 4. - 30mins. The rest of the series is good to.

Money as Debt - Good Series of Vids

You have NO choice - George Carlin - 3min

America: Freedom to Fascisim - Aaron Rousso - 2hrs30mins

How Central Bankers reshaped the world economy following the 2008 economic crisis - 25mins

#Qanon, Dollar Collapse, Trump Ending the Fed - with Wayne Jett, Pt. 1 - 41mins

#Qanon, Dollar Collapse, Trump Ending the Fed - with Wayne Jett, Pt. 2 - 40mins


The Value of the Dollar over time.

The Federal Reserve - History of Lies, Thievery & Deceit

The Creature of Jekyll Island - full PDF

Andrew Jackson shuts down Second Bank of the U.S. 9-10-1833

Neilkeenan.com/history-events-timeline/ - long but worthwhile read.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913

The Federal Reserve - All the things


12 Federal Reserve Banks

US Fed Wiki

Federal Reserve Research Tool - Create graphs comparing many categories. Great visualizations!


Read this one too. The National Economic Security and Recovery Act - NESARA by Harvey Francis Barnard. The actual bill, not the 'Shaini Candace Goodwin' scam...... This bill was never brought to the floor. Few other than Rand Paul even considered it. I feel it is something we should look at very hard.

The now defunct NESARA sight on WayBackMachine.

NESARA Wikipedia

What does NESARA actually do if passed?



And for fun. We are Q! A Bugs Life - 1min


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There is absolutely no reason or need to tax based on PERCENTAGE OF INCOME. This does nothing but grind the economy to a halt based on how fast money is changing hands. In what other fucking system do we pay a percentage of what we've got first then find out what we'll get afterwards?

Switch over to an invoice / bill for government services rendered system. Also switch over to partial funding government projects through crowd funding. This is the 21st century


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We should only have a consumption tax, period... No income tax, no VAT and especially, NO property tax... Property tax is evil as even if you own your home outright, the government can still take it if you don't pay your taxes.... Basic slavery.


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Let's crowdfund a new country entirely.


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The bigger question to ask is "Why do we have to pay Tax on something that doesn't even fucking exist"?????


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Restructure the Fed.


Delete the Fed.


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The FED is Toast!

Recall that Q posted last November, when he listed every single Central Bankster on this planet? Why did Q do that? Because he was telling us this is a GLOBAL take down of the criminal elite. Can't take down the criminal elite without shutting down their MONEY SPIGOT!

Yes, of course, Trump Team have been quietly preparing for a financial reset of the US Dollar, and this time, it won't be fiat currency it will be gold and silver backed.

Also remember Q said to "buckle up" because things might get bumpy? This is what he is talking about. So don't panic, KNOW that Trump Team have been way ahead of the game, and quietly preparing behind the scenes. It might get bumpy, stock market might fluctuate wildly, BUT DON'T PANIC! PARTIOTS ARE IN CONTROL!

And remember this is GLOBAL deep state clean up. Huge Master Plan in the works.

TRUST THE PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Why should the Rothschilds dictate what we do with OUR money. Every single reserve bank, bar 2 or 3, is OWNED by the Rothschilds.

It all started with Nathan Rothschild. He built the dynasty during the World War II. He was hired to smuggle gold into Britain to support the British in the Nepoleanic wars. The British needed it to transport throughout Europe to fund its war against Neapolitan.

The beginning:

He apparently raised GBP 1.2 million in the early 19th century and took a significant margin. Because of his very efficient network he was able to arbitrage the price of gold between different cities across Europe (but mostly between Madrid and London).

He was very intelligent and used his network and arbitraging capabilities very efficiently. His made his biggest bet when Nepolean escaped Elba, thinking that Britain will have a very long battle and gold prices will soar. So he bought all the gold that he could thinking of selling it to the Britain government.

But the twist in the tale was that Napolean was defeated easily and the war ended and gold prices plummeted. So all the stockpile of gold Nathan bought was going to be a loss. This was when Nathan gave his masterstroke, when he predicted that Britain's government bond prices will be rising. He bought the bonds between 1815-16 and sold them after a couple of years, making roughly about GBP 600 million.

Later on the Rothschild's family took positions in all key cities across Europe and exploited the arbitraging power they had. So they became the most powerful family in Europe.

The rise - The American Civil War:

1816: Rothschilds got the licence to begin a central bank called the Second bank in America. So now they control the money supply in America.

1832: President Andrew Jackson ran for presidency with the slogan "Jackson and no bank" a campaign against the Rothschilds banking dynasty. A year later he started removing the government deposits from the second bank and started depositing them in democrats controlled banks. So, the Rothschilds started contracting the money supply in America. This caused a depression. Later on, president Jackson did not renew their licence and then the Rothschilds only got to start their bank in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was started. This was however started without the approval of Congress. The bill was signed in Jekyll Island and was not framed by lawmakers but bankers.

Now in the modern day, all the global financial system & in turn the economic system is controlled by central bankers, whose movements are based on what the Federal reserve is doing. Federal Reserve of the United States is under the control of the Rothschilds. So the Rothschilds basically control the global financial system.

Note: This is based on information collected as part of my research into this topic. My sources are The Zeitgeist documentary, The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson and a few internet articles.


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Thank you very much for your list. I have read only a small percentage and it is extremely enlightening. I have much reading and watching to do.


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Awesome. Thanks.


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That would be great, but unless we confiscate all the wealth that the owners have stolen over the last 100 years, they'll just wait one generation and start again.

It's all about the money.


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I'm sure you didn't forget about the EO that allows us to seize the assets of individuals or institutions found guilty of crimes against humanity and to prevent those assets from being transferred to their children/relatives.


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Yes, I didn't forget. But what if the vast bulk of the 100s of trillions aren't here, but overseas? This would have to be a global search which would require the help of foreign govts. Can that be done?


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That EO gives me great hope. Mechanism in place to get back some of the stolen $$$.

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Just remember as you do your research: the overwhelming number of jews involved is just a coincidence. /s


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LOL. Thanks for the toggle.


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You're welcome!


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Good bye khasarian mafia Fed reserve & your collection agency IRS here comes the good old gold backed Green Back $

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Trump should legalize the people using gold / silver as a currency if they want to get it into circulation.


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it is not just gold. It will be asset back meaning all precious metals, oil, LNG etc.


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They always know where the gold is. US Treasury prints US Notes and exchanges them for your federal reserve notes. Then let the world square up with the FED Owners, "#andrewgause" lol


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The gold is there, maybe not in Fort Knox, but it’s there.


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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=tWZ_4o-rKd4 :

As The World Decouples From The Fed Note,The Transition Is Happening Quietly - Episode 1686a - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=oqmM_PjWcNg :

Biggest market crash of our lifetime is coming: Economist Harry Dent - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=I6deQYKOnxE :

Confirmed, Contradict The Fed, Economy Collapse Blame The Fed - Episode 1685a - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=qVgcStKfQfk :

Trump says the Federal Reserve has gone crazy - YouTube

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for those that don't believe we are returning to the Gold Standard.



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The Fed is owned by the Roths, who have also backed China. Antifa, BLM, and Sarsour financed by Soros. We are witnessing a financial and financial political attack prior to midterms. Hopefully the last gasp of the NWO.


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We are witnessing the total destruction of the NWO, the unraveling of all their plans, the reversal of all their accomplishments towards completing the plan and their cornered rat efforts to fight back to no avail.


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I am really loving your comments.


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We should have had a reset after the internet/telcom bubble burst and 911 but the fed continued their games and then we had the banker bailout. Don't get me started on the 1944 Bretten Woods agreements...


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We had no president, other than JFK, who wanted a reset.


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Yeah, he just wasn't ready for the deepstate's turkyshoot. Trump has got to know the truth on JFK.

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