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Roe Vs Wade will change once the everyone born in 1969 and before is long dead and actual conversation can take place, and not these constant lies from the left.


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Well, in the pre-Zygote faze it kind of is,(I think)! The real problem in my mind is they took the little in road there for abortion to mean to be able to abort at anytime,(including late term), and for any reason. Seems you have to be all in for the “right” to abort or all out. No compromise. I AM Pro life, however I read “Cider House Rules”, years ago, which made some sense to favor “SOME” level of..., damn, just can’t finish that thought the way I think I intended...


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The catch is pinning down when life begins. Every point past conception becomes an arbitrary one someone picked because it sounded good.


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pre-Zygote faze

Looks like a SoapBox sockpuppet playing stupid to seem genuine. Again.