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All money changers were Jews. Not all Jews were money changers.

An example in today's world.... If a black man walked up to the local park where the local gang members hang out and deal drugs, and he chased black gang members out with an AR-15, it probably means that he hates gang members, not all black people.

You are either blinded by hatred, or stupid (I'm guessing both), if you can't get that simple point.


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You're going with the "Not All X Are Like That" (NAXALT) argument? Have you been hiding under a rock for all the political discussions of the past few years? Is this your first time on the Internet since dialup was common? NAXALT. Seriously?

Not all gorillas will maul your daughter. Do you drop her into the gorilla pen?
I saw a video of a lion who was friends with a guy and was fairly peaceful towards him - he even gave him a hug! Should we release all the Lions onto our streets? Are we being bigoted towards large mammals with fangs and/or claws?

I don't have to prove all members of a set will do a thing to be able to make the claim that the members of the set are more likely than other sets to do that thing and thus should be dealt with in a different way.

You're in the wrong decade, guy. That argument is so dead it's a meme now. You're a cliche.