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Reddit style power-modding doesn't work the same here. And they value their psuedo-epower to lord over others far more than they care about any "message."


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They can always make their own voat… lol

It's sort of like waking up I imagine one day in the US when all you have known is NK in its heyday. Your whole brain is so wired to that environment that you can only cling to things that gave you comfort there, like a good autist does when they have to change environments. They crawl into a cave inside a cave even if the actual cave they are in doesn't exist.


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Only problem is, there aren't always gonna be hugboxes for these imbeciles. They are more likely to encounter hurt boxes and they should know how to deal with them. But they don't, so I get to laugh at them drowning in reality, sometimes. And that's pretty fun for me...