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I hate christians and muslims almost equaly, what i do is flip houses and employee a guy with one leg and a guy who almost homeless and im basicaly supporting him and letting him stay at the house. Across the street is a church i see a bunch of fat old nice dressed people go into that church not one of them has said a word to me or thanked me for fixing the pile of shit next to their church, its jahova witness. Next door is a black church not one person has said a word. While they go in on sundays and do nothing good but sit and listen to some snake oil sales men preaching about a fairytale. Im employing two people making money for alot of other people and raising the value of all the neighors while rasing the tax base for the entire city... So fuck you.

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I like your first sentence and thanks for somewhat reasonable response. I just have a big issue with churches and seperation of church and state issues. To me the single biggest thing that made america great was seperation of church and state. But another issue, not sarcasim ive used a similar saying like your firat sentence i was a teacher for 7 years and told the kids that.