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This deepfake technology only works on faces, and the technology before the interview pertains to facial manipulation, which is easy to spot,
usually by stretched pixels produced when they open their mouths.
some of the artifacts look like when you try to upsample frames from a lower fps, a la Adobe After Effect's Timewarp effect.

So is this interview faked? by going on solely the evidence provided in the video, most likely not
I know of no currently existing technology out there to render a photorealistic human in real time or even given enough time to render (Rogue One's visual effects still stand out like a sore thumb, even with a powerhouse behind it like Disney).
most of the people who try to analyze videos like this, dont usually know what their talking about, and i've seen many flatearth people talk out of their ass when they try to talk about visual effects.


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Thank you for your honest answer!