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Looks like videos compression artifacts to me, not some fancy tampering.

Think for a second before you start getting into conspiracy bullshit: If there's some secret group of trillionaires that control everything, don't you think they wouldn't make such stupid, simple mistakes AND THEN not fix them... AND THEN let some random people point them out without consequence.... AND THEN let them stay up on video sites? Just getting past the first hurdle there is tough enough, the others are just icing on top of the "this conspiracy theory is bullshit" cake".

It's just like the "a plane never hit the pentagon it was a missile!". If that were true 1- Why wouldn't they just either A) use a plane so their story is straight, or B) Just say it was a missile in their story...? A fucking pre schooler wouldn't make that mistake if the conspiracy theories are true. Then again ON TOP OF THAT 2- why would they then release evidence against themselves like video that "doesn't" have a plane in it without "fixing" that "mistake" that remember a toddler wouldn't make...?

Same goes for the moon landing being faked. "Oh the flag was blowing in the wind!". You don't think someone on set would say "Hey maybe we should film inside or turn that fan off over there for a sec, or just cut that part out of the video.".

Again, these people supposedly have all the money and power, and you think they couldn't have someone do this "fake video" right? Let alone then couldn't have someone look it over and make sure it looks legit? Nope, they make retard-level mistakes that some nobody in his basement figured out on his own, then let that guy openly show their "mistakes" to everyone. Yeah that makes sense... This is why Alex Jones makes no sense. If these people control everything, why the FUCK would they let him on THEIR radio systems and youtube/itunes/etc "telling everyone their secrets that they don't want you to know!"?


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Elite dont care, know the majority will consume anything, the term "conspiracy theory" has been officially used by the CIA as part of a cointel operation to delegitimatize claims against authority, things are rushed and mistakes are made, and anyone pointing out those mistake are considered crazy conspiracy theorists anyway. Alex Jones is part of a cointel operation to further push the image of the "crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist", otherwise he wouldn't still be around.