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I thought that was Archie, the new "prince". It's tough to tell them apart.

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https://archive.ph/qQVMs :

2019-05-10 | Young chimp 'Black Bean' becomes critically ill after refusing to take medication for his flu | Daily Mail Online

"The two-year-old chimp, called 'Black Bean', became critically ill and had to fight for his life after refusing to take medication for his flu."

'Black Bean fell ill early last month when his entire family were hit by flu at the Hongshan Zoo in Nanjing. '

'Veterinarians used a variety of treatment on Black Bean to bring his condition under control, including IV drips and inhalation therapy. '

'After more than 20 days of intensive care, Black Bean has recovered from his illness. '

'Weighing just 3.7 kilograms (8lb 2.5oz), Black Bean was about the size of a newborn baby. '

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