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Whatever, I'm John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, directly related to that other Schmidt guy who still basically controls Google....

Point being, sitting on as much information related to Google software, source code, you name it, even if that were their most moist dream..... There are far too many competing interests trying to do exactly what Google is doing...

And since I'm in favor of none of them, but can use one to bank off the other, utilizing tech like 'Deep Fakes', or 'Voice Morph' technology to 'Socially Engineer' these fuckers like the "Government" {Govern = Control, Ment = (Latin Origin) "Of the Mind"}, tries to do with us.....

Let's just say, even if I'm exaggerating somewhat, that shit will never fully pan out for any earthly company.


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https://archive.fo/zBBQ2 :

The Selfish Ledger: Google's dystopian vision of populace control through 'total data collection' - TechSpot

'Having a so-called “ledger” of user data capable of self-analyzation with an agenda of behavior manipulation is not a big stretch. '

'The nine-minute video examines the possibilities of using Big Data to guide users into conforming to a predetermined agenda. '

'According to a short film uncovered by The Verge called “The Selfish Ledger,” Google had been thinking about using “total data collection” and social engineering to modify the behavior of entire populations. '

'But what if there was an ulterior motive to Big Tech’s data collection — something that did not involve improving our experience or making money?'

'The film was made in 2016 by Google X (now just X) head of design Nick Foster and fellow researcher David Murphy for internal use at Google. '

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