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they put our plane in a secure area. We can’t be near the common folk :( tweet


"Who was detained?" "They were 1 Muslim man, 2 white men, and 1 asian lady" Link

Micaela Carabin@Micaelacarabin

Grounded in SF (easily the worse day of travel for me) due to security breach found in LAX with tickets being able to scan to any flight. Thank god for @chrissyteigen was able to be informed. #NOTfakenews tweet

How did one guy, with an entirely different flight on an entirely different airline, get on this (I think) full flight? How did he get past the boarding pass machines?? There was even an extra stewardess checking each pass's flight number right before we boarded tweet


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Rember this?

"Might be time for Denny to vanish to an undisclosed Japanese island."



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whoa - the LAX turnaround fishy as it is - and the same thing happened on a Christmas flight to Hawaii?! curious to say the least


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Chatter from 8chan was that something was happening around the 25th-26th. Strange that they would park the aircraft so far away from the terminal if it was just a problem with their ticketing system.


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https://archive.fo/ZurRA :

christine teigen on Twitter: "what is happening how do you know more than I do. I’m still in the sky! t.co/0c4q8TKcwN"

https://archive.fo/qarhD :

Jensen Karp on Twitter: ".@chrissyteigen is on an international flight that turned around 4 hours in because a passenger isn’t supposed to be on plane. Look at this… t.co/7uasJSQ64r"

https://archive.fo/2CqTF :

Kira Kosarin on Twitter: "@chrissyteigen Same thing happened to my parents on the way to Maui yesterday! They called it “paperwork issues.” Which airline are you flying? t.co/uIODLvIOVh"

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I'm new on this site. I thought I would make a fool of myself here. Can you guys help me. I got a very odd photos on the 25th from an mms.att.net Email account. This flight took place on the 26th. In my opinion they look like they look like Christine teigen mother and father when they where younger. The format is a little off the picture is wider then the email pics.

Simple question is that them?
Or was this an odd Email I should delete?


In the order: https://pewtube.com/user/OxAO/JTbkU44



Here is the mother and father many years later:


Here is Ron's twitter account:


Edit: Two more pictures of the mother:

https://pewtube.com/user/OxAO/Gwtdo9q https://pewtube.com/user/OxAO/lAda7Q1