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It looks like most of the verses I moderate have already been mentioned by others in the thread, so first I'll add /v/promptoftheday to the list. It's a collection of images to inspire writing.

I created it because I mod the sub on reddit and wanted to branch out here. I sometimes dabble at writing, so it's an interest close to my heart. Same reason I created /v/shortstories, I guess. :)

I inherited /v/introductions because the previous mod was inactive and I wanted to make sure new users were greeted and provided any information they needed.

/v/WhereDidTheSodaGo was created because I saw a conversation between a couple Voaters wishing it existed. One of them, @Kunkka is my co-mod.

In the rest of the subverses I help moderate, I was added by the owners to help out:

/v/atkoism - added by @chronos

/v/iama - added by @Clayton

/v/myphotography - added by @Mokum

/v/opendiscussion - added by @Clayton

/v/wildspeculation - added by @mr_skeltal