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Well, it may or may not be obvious but I mod /v/beards because I like to sport my manliness across the interwebs. Seriously though, beards look great but only if taken care of. Most don't know of the different things you can get to make your life, and possibly your SO's life easier. I can't tell you how much my wife hated my beard when we first met, I also wasn't taking good care of it. That's when I started my beard grooming crusade, and haven't looked back sense. Aside from that time where I had to shave for our wedding. A well groomed beard can take you far.

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It's the truth, it personally helps me out though. I get less acne when I don't shave, and maintaining a beard just feels easier, even though it may take more time. Soup is hard, you know what is worse though. A good old fashion burger with ketchup, mustard, mayo, and all the essentials. It's a fucking mess. You end up eating more of your own beard hair.


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LOL. You should make a parody sub about the beard master race. You could look down on all the filthy sideburn peasants.