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This is a place with brutal honesty - Not everyone is going to like you if you value fake internet points over being genuine most people here will tell you to fuck off back to reddit. If you want CCP just say shit like niggerfaggot a lot goats love it. Post whatever the fuck you want just be courteous and use the appropriate subs.

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oh i dont value the points at all. i just know that if i drop below 10 i cant post anymore. and i really like sharing my humour with other members of the faggot i am a part of.

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From your post history, we're still waiting for something funny.

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You've been here for two days and right now stand at 61ccp. What I see in your comment history is mostly 0s or 1-6UV, and then a few DVs. I don't see any dislike for your comments. Voat wise anyway. Although I didn't stop to read those comments yet.

I think you should just post what the fuck you want anyway.

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then i shall do exactly that. thanks fren

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Sure thing. Fast, friendly, free advice anytime. I make no guarantees about the friendly though.

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If your humor fits the community, great. If not, stuff tends to be ignored. Unless, you glorify Jews, niggers or pedos, in which case you'll need to pander to degenerates to stay alive. Ask the pedo @aged or nigger @swordofdamocles for advice.

Edit: spelling.

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Check my CCP. I say what I want. I still have high CCP.

Watch this...

I love Jews. Voat has made me love them even more. I used to not care, but now I know they're responsible for degenerate sex, rock music, movies with tits, and academia. Those are some of my favorite things!

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On Voat, of all places!

It's why downvotes make me chuckle. I'm pretty immune to them.

gives everyone the finger