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Once something is out there, it's out there forever. Files can always be modified slightly to avoid filters. Video isn't going anywhere.

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Once something is out there, it's out there forever.

Not completely true. Bitrot is real.

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An Indian told me the (((west))) is the only asshat standing in the way of a world wide kebab removal. Everyone else is ready and willing to glass them.

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oh yeah, the hindus won't shed any tears

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"The Internet" isn't one thing. It is a web of connected machines. And it's not just one layer - there is a massive darknet of data under the internet that contains much more data than the clearnet that you see through your browser. This darknet contains more data than you could imagine... every movie and show... most books... banned material and videos... tons of illegal shit... a fuckton of encrypted traffic from users and businesses...

The massacre video is already there. It will be there forever.

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Exactly. People think the internet is just like some big truck you just dump things on

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blew the dust off that one didn't ya? did you remove the dust using a series of tubes?

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Shh they don't want to know the real truth.

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Knowledge of how to 'surf' and access the content on the darkweb needs to go mainstream.

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First time seeing it. Thanks for the link.

Fuck them. No Muslims are innocent. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, it's antithetical to their very ideology, which tells them to engage in taqiya. Taqiya is the concept that it's okay to lie to and harm all non believers, for any reason, even to kill them. If these people truly wanted tranquility and peaceful lives, they wouldn't be in that Mosque, they wouldn't worship a child rapist, they wouldn't invade our nation's and they wouldn't have joined a death cult. Every one of them is just another Yoshikage Kira.

Every single one of them got exactly what they wanted and what they deserved.

My only prayer is that this wasn't just another mossad false flag.

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5% of muzzies are radical, hate-filled, genocidal, terrorists hell-bent on eliminating all non-believers. The other 95% support them.

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Muzzies are 1% of New Zealand population. I get the message behind why the shooter did what he did, but that fact alone makes it all seem like a silly place for it to happen.

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and the MLG parody as well https://vimeo.com/324586942

edit: vimeo banned me heres new link https://anonfile.com/P73dM8S7mb/final3rdtake_mp4

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They gave you that video, they marketed it over MSM, they gave you the impression of controlling the narrative, then they swiped it all away, while replacing it with fear propaganda. This is how they handled the dissidents on the web. For the public it was the same horror, shame routine they always pull. And lastly the political power play behind the scenes...mossad once again played their power hand to make sure that local politicians are afraid enough to not stand in the way of the replacement genocide, to which the politicians quickly reacted with acting authoritative towards the public. See, there are not enough jews around to effectively blackmail and bribe everyone, which is why they have to show their power level every once in a while. On the geopolitical level of their crime syndicates they also have to use these terror attacks to reassure their partners that everything is going according to plan.

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I appreciate the link, but I already have the uncensored video. I'm just curious why everyone on the planet can't view it, if they want? It's so difficult to remove something from the web, but they put up a good effort. The average Joe cannot watch it, that's for sure.

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I'm just curious why everyone on the planet can't view it, if they want?

Schlomo doesn't want the goyim to wake up.

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Jews. The video is easy to find, but (((they))) want to make it look like it's hard, so the fake "shooting" appears real. It's all fake, a hoax, another lie. The video is a joke, I've never seen people lie down and die like that, it's so unrealistic. People crawl around and scream, even when you hit them with 5-6 shots, if you don't get the body T they will move and bleed while they scream out for help. People scream a lot when you kill them.

Signed: Old man and ex-soldier who have been there and done that.

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