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It's a must read, which I think others will argue well enough for.

What I will advice however is to first put some effort into finding the most honest translation. All are available on the Internet for free, so it's no obstacles for doing this properly. This is important, because the twist in wording to make the meaning different than the original work is very extensive in some translations.

For example a Kirkland edition which is an alteration of the Murphy's edition replaces "nation" with "country" and "nationalist" with "countryist". The Ford translation replaces "volkischen begriffes" ("folk conception" in Murphy's) with "racial idea".

This should be enough said to show this is extremely important. It's probably not many books where the choice of translation is more important than for Mein Kampf.

Much is written about which translations are good and bad, but the first to understand is that these exact reviews are also often written with a total bias while trying to appear neutral. I understood this by comparing different translations, and found that most reviews try to pull you into choosing inaccurate translations. One example being an article "Mein Kampf - Translation Controversy", which I found not at all to reflect the truth.

I will not say my comparison went very deep, and it's many years ago, but I checked out five different translations, and the one to be most true to the German version was the 1939 translation by J.Murphy. Please make your own evaluation, but this is what I concluded.

For the Murphy's version, I've read this one There is also one on, which seems to have a bit better format. Unfortunately I haven't found a true scan. It also has first section/half (only) of the book in a quite well-voiced audio version.

I think it's not paranoid to even be vary of potentially removed pages and sections from some online versions, though I can't recall if I actually discovered that.

A story of the Murphy's translation here :


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I've found Ford translation to be solid. I also like that it will have the footnotes to explain what Hitler is referencing from the time (these are read aloud in the audiobook version, which is fantastic).