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I've completely cut it out of my diet.

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You don't eat anything with vegetable oil in it? That's impressive. Soybean oil is in about half of all food products with "vegetable oil" listed in the ingredients, and you can't know if it's soy or not because they aren't required to say. Not because they're trying to hide the soy, but because the other common vegetable oil is rapeseed oil, and they don't want the word rape on their packaging.

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You had it in your diet? shudders

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Racial equality, immigration, diversity, liberalism, social justice, women empowerment, sexual deviance acceptance, female privilege, anti-white sentiment, worshiping entertainment, idolizing celebrities, for profit higher education, public schools, organic foods, overvaluing positivity, living in large cities, virtue signaling, hooking up, anal sex, transgenderism, homosexual acceptance, atheism, cultural marxism, blue hair dye, problem glasses, self-driving cars, drones, social media, the welfare state, birth control, selfies, tattoos, reaction videos, hashtags, yoga pants and eating kale. Most of this is already proving itself to be bad. he rest, and more, will come soon.

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We can only hope!

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Hooking up and anal sex? Uh oh somebody’s retarded....HEY GUYS PEOPLE ARE HAVING SEX NOW! THEYVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE! OMG WE ARE SO SCRWED. Take a long bath and think about what you’ve said you jackass.

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He didn't say sex was the problem, we all know what he meant. Otherwise, enjoy your STD's!

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I love how mad faggots get when ppl point out that homo sex in unhealthy and unnatural.

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13% of Americans take the same pills, despite the fact that depression still isn't very well understood, there are many different causes of depression, and everybody's brain chemistry is different. Using a one-size-fits-all approach is stupid. It's like pouring a bottle of oil over a car engine, hoping some some of it gets to the right place. Sure, some might, but there's no telling what other damage is being done in the process.

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Based on my own experience, and those of some of my friends, most people's depression is caused by inactivity and diet.

Supposedly depression/anxiety/OCD type disorders are genetic in my family, with many family members suffering. I personally find that if I'm not regularly active I feel like shit and start getting complacent/angry etc.

If I keep my usual schedule. Heavy lifting 3 times a week plus some general walking. It improves almost every aspect of life. When I get only two of those I feel not as good and if I'm not active at all I am fine for a couple days but then start feeling like garbage. We aren't meant to be sitting 8 hours at work, only to come home and sit for another 2-3 hours, and then sleep.

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Also I think that there is the possibility that part of the reason that people over ear is that they're attempting to self-medicate their own mental health issues. If you just exercise even a little bit most things seem to sort themselves out.

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Doctors convince patients that these chemicals can help to correct/balance brain chemistry while leaving out the fact that the patient is, basically, participating in a large-scale human experiment to understand what the full effects of these drugs actually are

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cell signals

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wifi too. Cell phones and wifi operate in the same frequency that microwave ovens use, so we are basically living in a giant microwave set on very low power.

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The worst a microwave oven will do to you is burn you, and at low power like cell signals and wifi, would be like trying to cook a turkey with an LED from across the room. Radiation doesn't alter anything until the mid UV spectrum.

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Tinfoil hats will protect you! None of that aluminium foil bullshit either, mind you.

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refined granulated sugar

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HFCS, even more.

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What makes you say that? Since all studies to date have shown the opposite.

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I'd like to see these studies and know who they are funded by

It's not like a precedent hasn't been by tobacco industries or anything..

If someone is funding you looking for a specific result there is a bias to confirm the result the funder wants be it conscious or unconscious. After all, if they lose funding, they lose their jobs..

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STUDIES HAVE SHOWN!!!!!!! But seriously, studies are worthless. It's the same reason that tobacco was able to dodge any association with cancer, etc for so long.

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Plastic water bottles. Plastic leeches into the water. Fluoridated water kills brain cells. Nowadays you can get the chemical in food more and more people brush their teeth. Which isnt ingesting it

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Fluoridation killing brain cells and testosterone-lowering agents like bisphenal A being sprayed onto all plastic is probably done on purpose for population control.

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