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Political voters. If you can't win an election, then import voters from 3rd world countries.


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To overburden the system to cause social upheaval and eventually overthrow to install a communist/socialist/Marxist dictatorship.


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How does that make sense? The people in power are importing incompatible races in order to overthrow themselves and establish a communist dictatorship?

Don't get me wrong, I agree the importation of these people is fucked, but I think in the minds of those in power the end goal is not to overthrow the powers that be, but to water down the races into one giant shit soup and destroy any kind of cultural identity in order to better control the people like in a comm...fuck.


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They're importing voters.

The ones at the very top don't care about how powerful their country is. They only care about how powerful they themselves are.

The lower politicians (members of parliament, or member of congress) adopt these policies so that they themselves will be voted into position so that they have a well paying easy job. They don't care about the wealth and prosperity of the country, only their own personal wealth and prosperity.

Also, companies, religious groups, etc will support candidates and parties that have these polices because they're going to win elections (because they imported people who'll vote for them). Then after they won an election, they will pass other polices that benefit those companies, religious groups.


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lol they don't know how much they have to lose when this ship goes down with them. Muh dark ages.

yes yes you can have shitty life in your shitty feudal castle, at best.

Better be a pleb in the roman empire.


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Power and control. If you are on welfare, you are a slave to the state.


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This for sure! Here comes basic income. Lookout.


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maybe more...Europe has always been at war, nations fighting, kings and army, world wars...its now been at peace for over 60 years...what better way to engineer RACE WARS than Soros, Hillary, Merkel import jihadists and then ban criticism of islamists....when the place is anarchy, trucks blowing up, bombed to dust, currency collapse....come in and buy huge chunks of Europe at discount 1 dollar prices...Rothschild or was it Warburg? banking family, was credited with saying that "the time to buy is when there's blood in the streets."...the same people who brought you Latino Sanctuary gangster city, BLM and L.A and Baltimore riots


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Short answer: its the Jews doing it to us


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Didn't Soros write something along the lines of we need to break up nationalism by bringing in more immigrants?


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He's been dying of the same heart attack for the last twenty years. This time we don't have the mob to give him a hand however.


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Barbara Lerner Spectre says that Jews are taking a leading role in pushing mass migration & racial diversity for western countries.

Stefan Molyneux asks a Jew about the hypocrisy on immigration (Israel vs western countries)

IsraAid is an Israel-based agency, which helps refugees from Africa & Middle East settle in.. Europe (not Israel).


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White genocide.


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Because low IQ morons vote Democrat. That's the entire reason why.


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2 words. White genocide

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Also breeding more gimmiedats. Welfare is a reward for having children out of wedlock and being irresponsible. Niggers continue to vote straight Democrat because Democrats promise to keep the welfare running.

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