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Contact the Republican party in the area and see if they can help you find a lawyer who will take your case pro bono. Do not do anything else until you have a lawyer.


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Best advice. Shut the hell up and do nothing until you find a lawyer.


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Sorry to say, but if he sent an angry email, and considering how emotional his actions sound, he's probably already shot himself in the foot beyond repair. He probably can't even stand on his own word now, in a court, because his word would certainly be brandished about in past events, such as the email he sent. I can't think of any lawyer that would touch this now, after he sent the foolish email.

That being said, he should still contact news agencies, conservative groups, possibly even churches, and certainly try emailing President Trump himself. But it won't be for legal representation, as I already pointed out; it'd be for pity handouts to help him get by. It's possible someone will throw him a bone out of pity, and certainly if his message were actually to reach Trump's ear, it's possible Trump would throw him a bone, but he fucked up pretty badly.

Take this as a lesson, all of you, keep your emotions in check. Play the game intelligently, not emotionally.

EDIT: also try starting a gofundme and those kind of handout gigs, for your predicament. I don't think I'd write it up as a plea for legal representation fees, so much as a plea for handouts considering your current predicament

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So much this. The Dean may allegedly shove small gerbils up his ass for jollies but unless you have proof you could be liable for slander. Side note, if this is how your University is run your diploma would be worthless if not a negative asset in the real world.


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That is awesome advice. Would never have though of using the party. Possibly some members might do it for giggles and for free.


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At my old school lawyers at conduct meetings were not allowed to speak because it would create an "adversarial atmosphere."