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This was the reason for Merkel wanting the EU military. This is the result of an over taxed working class that knows they have no future. This will happen everywhere welfare exists.

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Yep, a standing, mobile militarily full of foreigners gets around the problem of a military force not wanting to fire on it's own people.

"Oh, we're moving into France this week? Good, just make sure all our French soldiers are low-key posted as far away as possible when we do."

By the 3rd Population Suppression Operation, low level military grunts will know which country they're invading next by noting the nationality of the soldiers who get a rapid midnight deployment out of the blue.

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The French soldiers will side with the yellow vests if UN troops fire on them. It will be a massacre of UN troops and a sign of what awaits them the next time they get called in to attack civilians.

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This will happen to all the countries taking in the moslem and african "refugees".

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The poverty is deliberate.

They really do belong to a crazy eco cult that believes the earth will die if westerners aren't pushed to poverty.

The people that own them, of course we all know who that is, are using their insane cult propaganda behind the curtain and th politicians believe in their hearts that it's true. The college professors do too if they aren't jewish and know damned well what they're doing.

The ones making money like Al Gore know it's a con, but it's amazing how many in positions of fake power do not.

The disease ground zero is the United Nations. They're so fucked in the head, they hate Israel and can't conceive of the fact that their own beliefs are fomented right out of the Talmud.

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This is the result of an over taxed working class

There is no such thing as "overtaxation". Every taxation is overtaxation. If there was a benefit from taxation, people would pay it voluntarily and we wouldnt call it taxation.

This will happen everywhere welfare exists.

And welfare exists everywhere there is democracy, because the mouthbreathers simply vote for the welfare they get. And they vote for whoever promises to pay welfare.



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Monarchy now!

The French Revolution was a power grab to overthrow the king and put bankers in power. When there is no king, the nation loses its identity and "figure" to be united around. Voting creates two monarchies within the same country that 50% of the population prefers one or the other, so they just take turns with each of their preferred monarchies. Meanwhile, these "kings" have no real power to actually change the laws to help his people, he's hindered by a series of "checks and balances", I.e. Criminals that are voted in get to change the laws to help other criminals then laugh in the king's face.

Agreed. No amount of voting, protests, choosing politicians will ever work. Democracies always degrade into deep state shadow govt.

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Then it SHOULD have happened in the US YEARS ago. We have NO middle class. No society's standards have fallen more than Americans. Our jobs are gone, our cities are now boarded up feces & drug infested HELL holes. 75,000 young White males died of OD last year alone. There's no "hope" in America, there's no future. Future for what? To be a manager at Walmart /Target /McDonald's? Drive a bus/cab/Uber? Be a computer programmer /web designer /or whatever the fuck else one does with a computer. That's it! The fucking sky used to be the limit IF you worked hard. Now it doesn't matter HOW HARD you work there's little hope of EVER escaping soul crushing life sucking poverty. All this while if you're White you're passed over for EVERYTHING because you are "privileged" there's no justice when you're assaulted for being White but it's a "hate crime" for a White person to even cuss out a Mexican /Arab /Jew/African /. You get my point. WTF happened to Americans?!?!

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Could be worse, could be raining.

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Americans joined the jews in fighting two world wars. This is the result of the good people losing those wars and most of who was left being brainwashed.

We here. We happy few. We are awakening at last. I just hope and pray to God almighty that enough people become aware in time to retake things with the minimum amount of innocent death.

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Tendies you seem to have a better method of getting this info and posting that anyone else here, and I hope that you focus on this event and this event alone in the coming days because this is what will spark the revolution in America in the future.

Never have I been so afraid and elated that this is happening because it needs to be seen unfortunately and there will be casualties.

Thank you for all you are doing

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This is nothing to celebrate. Red pilled whites will fight blue pilled whites, and white blood wil be shed. Niggers and mudslime will sit on the sidelines and benefit. I highly doubt there will be some nigger roundup after this, given how cucked Europe is. The Jews are wringing their hands and laughing

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If the French take down their government, just wait for the next violent crime by an invading nigger. The French will take their revenge on all of the niggers.

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Change will happen and you have no idea the outcome which is why THIS submission is so fucking important and needs to be seen. It needs to be talked about and going forward everyone will know this isn’t about just a 30c gas tax hike.

They need to know what it is being implimented for. So take your pessimism and go fuck a rake.

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Niggers and mudslime will sit on the sidelines and benefit.

They cant benefit. As soon as all the blue pilled traitors are executed, niggers and mudslimes will be let to starve.

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Niggers and mudslime will sit on the sidelines and benefit.

Exterminatus. You can't hide being black, or a sand nigger. We may see a universal rejection of inferiority very soon out of Europe.

Bread and circuses will not work on masses with short attention spans and global appetites. Loss of comfort is the biggest redpill of them all.

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Wonder if this will be a case of UN forces moving in to quell hateful bigots by force.

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Then You'll have an underground French rebellion who will buy guns and fight the fuck back. The french may be cowards, but they are prideful. I'd gladly go to Normandy 2 as long as they know they're fighting BESIDE a nazi this time.

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Your grandfather gladly went to normandy and now normandy is full of niggers.

Dont waste your breath on the socialist frenchtards unless they can credibly explain how theyre not going to waste your sacrifice 50 yrs down the road.

Theyre ALL socialists. Theyre experiencing the consequences of SOCIALISM. Unless they credibly renounce socialism, let them rot in their own red shit.

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The greatest battle will be in America

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Will they leave the blackout shade factories?

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When the fuck did the Frogs grow balls?

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Coming soon to an American city near you! Keep your powder dry boys,the fires are rising!

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I just wish I could do something to help.

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we'll be doing the same here probably soon enough

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While this is certainly true, I don't know that enough frenchmen are even cognizant of the reason their resources are being drained.

Every post I've seen from someone actually from there cites the 1% as the source of their problems, not immigration.

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I'd say both assessments are probably correct.

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