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I hope this shit actually goes somewhere.

Fight for your lives, Europe.

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It won't. It's just an aimless mob. An unarmed aimless mob.

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happy hanukkah

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Yeah! Meanwhile back in America blacks fuck white girls every day and pathetic white 'americans' with all their guns and freedom dont fight back..

America is dead and no one weeps for it.

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Because only people in the major cities suffer the fucking globalists bullshit, and most people that I know that live in the major cities are beyond brainwashed and would love to be a victim of rape, or can’t escape the madness just yet. In the Midwest, I know of two suburban police departments that fuck up muslims and degenerates and keep that shit at bay, I also know of one that let some mudslimes walk all over a neighborhood. America is big, the Midwest is spacious and mostly insulated so far. Just have to kick that bee hive and we are at step one.

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The US is a huge country, all of what you've mentioned is only happening in cities, while most of the US lives in suburbia

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But do they 'ave their unrest loicenses??

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Do you 'ave a loicense for that "'ave a loicence" meme?

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Do you 'ave a loicense fa that ""'ave a for that loicence" meme" meme?

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Taxes keep illegally crossing the border

Taxes keep raping our children

Taxes run through our streets waving machetes

Taxes are on the rise

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Think America has crossed more borders than anyone to be fair

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The fun begins when the far right and far left, both protesting together right now, notice one another. Old scores settled and a lot of violence.

Macron is a complete spineless moron. Those are the most dangerous "leaders", because they eventually have to prove their resolve... This will end badly.

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Macron is a complete spineless moron.

I loved the video of him getting egged.

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Sauce please!

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Australian propaganda is presenting it as middle class angst at cost of living pressures. They are down playing or outright omitting the numbers and range of people involved.

One of us must be first to inspire the rest of us. Good luck France.

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What a perfect excuse to usher in the New European army that they are desperate to create.

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Especially since all the yellows agree on is burning cars. People may be unhappy, but no one is going to support chimping out as a permanent national strategy.

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A lot more than just cars have been burned in France. They've lit up homes of politicians with them inside.

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Fox has already talked about this over the weekend.

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