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Voat with your feet folks, 4 yr ex-Digg, now ex-Reddit, submitted: 7/8/2015 2:57:55 PM, 316 points (+321|-5)

Spybot stops Microsoft telemetry in its tracks(Windows 7/8/10), submitted: 9/7/2015 2:42:46 PM, 315 points (+320|-5)

Court Backs Rules Treating Internet as Utility, Not Luxury, submitted: 6/14/2016 5:12:22 PM, 202 points (+207|-5)

FBI will NOT recommend charges against Clinton, submitted: 7/5/2016 3:19:22 PM, 139 points (+144|-5)

Epic front flip on a "hoverboard"., submitted: 5/5/2016 12:24:02 AM, 109 points (+113|-4)

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Account Deleted By User submitted by saverem to whatever

p0ssum 6 points 66 points (+72|-6) ago

Dude, I've been dealing with you for an hour and IM ready to quit voating. Perhaps you don't understand how these things work, so let me drop a little knowledge on you. See, first it's a hobby, and it's fun, and you're sitting around with your friends doing what you love. Then it catches on a little, and that's fine, work with the users, try to give them what they want. You work with them, and all is good. Then the influx comes, sometimes in small spurts, sometimes in huge chunks. Now things start to get a bit overwhelming, you can't keep up with the requests, people start getting restless, starting pinging and PMing you. You keep up for a while, but then they start feeling entitled, demanding shit, demanding your attention, demanding your time and demanding you listen to them. After a while, you get sick of their bullshit, and take a break. Come back and you're the enemy, you're obviously up to something, you've flipped, you're playing for the other side, SOMETHING is UP DAMNIT!

And therein lies the issue, you entitled little fucks think atko owes you something. Let me let you in on a little secret. He doesn't owe you shit. He could shut this shit down tomorrow, and walk away. He could sell it, though that might be hard with the collection of fucktards that haunts this site. No media conglomerate would touch it. So, here's this guy, providing you a platform, with which you can have your say, and you folks want to fucking shit on him and DEMAND answers. I'm am COMPLETELY on atko's side on this, and I don't even know the bloke. What I DO know, is folks like you and your little 'investigation' would make me feel like doing this less day by fucking day. And if you dumb shits don't quit pushing, they might just walk away.

So, it's p0ssum, I was WRONG feel free to get your jabs in here submitted by p0ssumsAlt to whatever

p0ssum 3 points 47 points (+50|-3) ago

It's really me folks, like I said, I talked a tremendous amount of shit ... and I was wrong and I'm here to admit it. Donald J Trump will be my president and I will support him as long as he's doing the right thing.

You did it pede's, you won....

So, it's p0ssum, I was WRONG feel free to get your jabs in here submitted by p0ssumsAlt to whatever

p0ssum 2 points 39 points (+41|-2) ago

The Don is my Daddy

  • p0ssum

I cannot deny you that one. That's a pretty easy request!

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There must be a reason why the media is making up all of this shit about Trump, I wasn't planning on voting Trump a few months ago either submitted by Grunge to whatever

p0ssum 45 points -38 points (+7|-45) ago

They honestly think Trump is a racist

he is

Hillary didn't do anything wrong.

No, she didn't do anything illegal ... there's a difference.

deleted by user submitted by ShlomoShekelstein to politics

p0ssum 41 points -35 points (+6|-41) ago

LOL are you for real?