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Uh-oh, a robot just passed the self-awareness test submitted by chmod to news

Amarok 3 points 170 points (+173|-3) ago

This is the problem with AI tests.

Whenever a computer does something previously considered hard or impossible, we all say, "that wasn't a proper test, it's too easy." We've been patting ourselves on the back with that assurance ever since Kasparov got his ass kicked by Deep Blue. When Watson kicked Ken Jenning's ass at Jeopardy people said the same thing.

Watch one pass the Turing test next year and people leap out of the woodwork to say the same thing about that robot. They'll be making your food, cleaning your house, and driving you around town, and people will still be saying the same thing. "This is just simple programming, it's not real intelligence."

There is no formal definition of 'real intelligence' since we have absofuckinglutely no idea whatsoever how the brain forms human consciousness. We also make the mistake of measuring intelligence like it goes from Einstein on down to the village idiot... when in fact it starts at zero with a rock, and scales up well past every God in any religious text. Somewhere in there on that scale is human intelligence which is a nearly invisible blip, almost indistinguishable from ants, dogs, and chimps.

Most animals can't recognize their own reflection in a mirror. Just watch your cat. Put an elephant in front of one, put something on its head, and it'll look in the mirror then wipe it off. Dolphins and oddly enough octopi are on this list - and now, so is this robot. Progress is progress.

Our provider, shut down our servers due to "political incorrectness" submitted by Atko to announcements

Amarok 1 points 160 points (+161|-1) ago

Not necessarily in this order...

  • continued ddos attacks of varying strength / frequency
  • attempts to seize the domain name (likely next, and soonish)
  • constant attempts to get whatever ISP hosts Voat to terminate all services and shut it down
  • attempts to seize the servers from their datacenters if the ISP won't go along with a shutdown
  • legal actions covered by gag orders that will force any US-based services to comply silently (hi cloudflare)
  • focused hacking attempts to breach the website security, likely covered by a ddos attack
  • attempts to block donation / revenue streams, freezing of all accounts (bitcoin is the solution here)
  • semi-coordinated media campaigns to paint Voat as something worse than the Silk Road
  • legal actions with bullshit justifications targeted at all site owners, including attempts to freeze their assets
  • surveillance (internet and real life) of all people associated with Voat (developers, admins, owners, not users)
  • astroturfing and a rise in paid forum operatives attempting to control speech on Voat

I hear Iceland has the best free speech protections codified into law anywhere in the world. Can anyone verify if this is true? That might be an option for a hosting location. The 'final solution' to this mess is a decentralized, distributed Voat that doesn't actually live on any one server - but this is fucking hard to code, no one has ever done it before, especially with a high traffic volume website.

Edit: I should point something else out here. The goal is to 'wear you down' with constant hassling and setbacks. Eventually even a good natured ISP gets fed up dealing with the constant hassles associated with one customer and pulls the plug. Eventually admins get tired of migrating to their tenth domain name. The aim is to provide a constant, relentless pressuring that has a severe impact on quality of life (such as frozen back accounts) so that the targets eventually give up and quit.

They can't actually keep you down but they can basically make you into a digital vagrant that is forced to wander from site to site to stay ahead of the axe. Just ask any of the major piracy sites, or any disruptive technologists like Kim Dotcom or the Silk Road admins.

We need a global, decentralized DNS system to replace the bullshit ancient centralized one that exists today. That would make domain name seizure impossible, and shutting down domain names is by far their most effective tactic. Namecoin is the first real step in this direction.

[Serious] Police and law enforcement of Voat - is it really as bad as all these news stories make it look? submitted by Lordperiwinkle to AskVoat

Amarok 1 points 82 points (+83|-1) ago

It depends. What's often missing in this discussion is the size of the USA. It's fucking huge. There are tens of thousands of police departments across the country, ranging in size from one stop light town sheriffs to the NYPD which is the largest body of armed service people that is not labelled as an 'army' in the world. The NYPD has offices in other countries.

Thanks to the internet, when any of the more than one million police officers in the USA make a mistake near a cell phone, we all know about it instantly. The media loves these stories, it's instant money for them, and they give zero fucks about the officers or the victims - so consider any story you read to be biased in whatever way makes it more emotionally manipulative and enraging. Take them with a grain of salt the size of a rock.

All cops are not assholes, but even the best people still have a bad day once in a while, and a cop having a bad day can cause rather a lot of collateral damage. You need to cover your own ass, because to the system doesn't give a damn about you. You're just another number in the file, another potential revenue stream for the prison industry. You're best served assuming the worst unless your interactions with any given department lead you to believe you can trust them.

Is the trend really growing worse, or are we just becoming more aware of a problem that has always existed? I don't think there's a clear answer to this question. I think the drug war has certainly made things worse over time, and a lot of this bullshit will clear up once we put that idiotic chapter of American history behind us forever. No-knock raids, which are responsible for some of the worst incidents, only exist because of the drug war. I think there's more of a trend towards militarization than before, largely due to the federal government and the military industrial complex arming police forces with military hardware as a way to line their own pockets. I don't think the police asked for this hardware - I think it was thrust upon them, and they decided to take it without much thought. Who doesn't like new toys?

There are certain areas of the country, certain police departments, that have shown themselves to be extremely corrupt. They are literally at war with the areas of the country that they police. I'll wager there isn't a single one of these anywhere that hasn't ended up this way due to the drug war. These departments are very much 'militarized groups of crooks' but they are also more the exception than the rule.

Until the governments of the USA decide to stop trying to make everyone everywhere into a criminal the instant they do something someone finds offensive, this problem is going to get worse. Strict crime laws don't stop crime, they create more criminals, and provide those criminals with lucrative business opportunities, which in turn provides those criminals with money and influence, which is how the corruption gets started. This constant meddling in people's lives makes people disrespect the laws and the police, leading to the erosion of the rule of law. It's hard to respect the law when the law shows no respect for you.

The US has to grow out of this feudalistic mentality to make any progress on this issue.

I'd start by redirecting the financial consequences of these lawsuit settlements. Instead of the taxpayer paying for the damages, take it out of the police pension funds. See how fast they start policing each other once an incident starts costing all associated officers money.

3 lowest rated comments:

So, are you guys going to do down the reddit rout or are you guys going to remain sensible? submitted by Ramroc to ideasforvoat

Amarok 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Only the places that grow with the tide can survive. Every prior site has always failed because they failed to adapt or tried to move in a direction the userbase did not want them to go.

When a site becomes complacent, it's downfall is imminent.

Does Whoaverse take a stance on racism/sexism/etc? submitted by Noah to ideasforvoat

Amarok 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

There's only one way this is going to work effectively.

You can't enforce it as a sitewide policy - you'll be visiting every verse all day, and your mouse will wear out from removing posts... part of the point of coming here is to avoid censorship.

Saddling moderators with it is also a bad...

deleted by user submitted by deleted to ideasforvoat

Amarok 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I think I like earned downvotes better... how about some options for each verse.

  • each verse can disable downvotes completely if they choose
  • each verse can also require a certain amount of karma earned from within that verse in order to downvote content in that verse

That should make...