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BitChute's Immediate Removal from PayPal submitted by BitChute to news

x13 3 points 63 points (+66|-3) ago

PLEASE SHARE : How to Defend : Vital info for both Gab and Voat or any Free Speech web site !

10 vital steps to create a Free Speech Social Site (Anthropology, History, Political theory, etc).

How to Preserve free speech on an open internet.

How to avoid any more interference with services and user payments

The wires and pathways are already freedom of speech (the internet itself) mainly because of "electronic common carrier" fed liability exemptions.

Its the other stuff that is the issue: How you get paid, and where you put your machines, and how you get a safe domain address.

10 primary steps :

Step 1 : Create a fallback domain name (or two).

Only weakness : US DOJ does often sieze domains if used for fake rolex shipments, apple batteries from china, nfl spertswear, or us movie piracy.

.co and .ai are not lifetime secure

Find a registrar that can make a domain own-able by usa citizens on usa soil, such as .com or .name, that is not picky based on HISTORY.

Eranet International Limited out of Hong Kong is most friendly to USA free speech web sites. It just processes the usa domain records.

12 bucks to register

For example, the whois of this free speech site shows it uses Eranet International Limited, as many extremist free speech sites do :

Step 2: one emergency colo server with IN HOUSE anti-DDOS:

Setup at least ONE primary colocation point of presence somewhere, with in-house anti-DDOS switch and service to be used only for development and 3 day emergencies, do not ever normally use it.

Suppliers : hundreds exist. A building that already offers anon VPN to the world (tens exist) would be an affordable good bet.

Step 3: Your main mini-cloud :

Pick one that majority of free speech political neo-nazis use in defiance to Jewish attacks, such as one running under in many datacenters

Their motto is " Pay less. Delivered in days. Cancel anytime. "

10 large multi core blades (enough for 80,000 simultaneous users active) in a 10U space is $430 a month if you select the building the FBI uses, else 519 in miami.

Step 4: your corporate semi critical EMAIL

Setup good semi-anti-spammable email press relations to main stream news outlets you trust, investor contacts, legal stuff, etc. out of australia, guaranteed most secure and guaranteed no hidden archives or backups

(several hundred dollars per year, basically each final mailbox is 90 dollars)

Fastmail never ever rolls over to LEA phishing requests and blanket requests

Step 5: your SSL key and domain registrar emails :

Keys to the kingdom, no IT workers should have access to this email EVER. IT can be bribed by Soros.

Use a different account and different semi unrelated domain on fastmail, but SSL simplicity is best if email domain ending matches the SSL key domain

Step 6 : your emergency bulletin board for war attack down status (and requests for emergency crypto funding)

setup an onion web site, linked and listed on your normal social site , do not at all in any way use your normal mini coud machines for this :

Step 7 : Create a free trusted trampoline crypto-coin wallet

Its the same type as all your users will create (create offline wallet fro funds over 3,000 dollars or a VERY SECURE machine)

Use's been around for years, 29 million wallets, $200B transacted. Use it to temporarily hold daily $ submissions to you.

Dump $ forward your cryto to something you trust everytime it exceeds 1/30th your monthly income, or at least once a week.

Step 8 optional track the non anonymous donations

(for user accredited and denoted payments):

Add bitcoin-ish user friendly stuff directly to one of your pages if you trust it to be resistant to (((them))) :

Step 9 : teach people how fair and TRIVIAL it is to use coinbase as a us citizen in a web posting

Make a step by step slide show, keep the multimedia to bare minimum and store the multimedia off-cloud

Step 10 : teach people how fair and TRIVIAL it is to use a wallet service like for REASONABLE storage of crypto, and how they can xfer from it to you.

Make a step by step slide show, keep the multimedia to bare minimum and store the multimedia off-cloud

The purpose of Step 8 is to ascribe correct username to correct non-anonymous payment collected without a user forgetting to tell you they paid you and what receipt, or if they forget the memo field for privacy.

Always of course accept anonymous payment, but such people still want logs older than 3 days digitally shredded.

Remember free speech needs to be paid for in BLOOD or MONEY. Free Speech is not "free and cheap"



Then when the enterprise is all humming and running fine, know that DDOS and FUZZING from non-usa soil but paid for by Share Blue will be the next forms of attacks other than signal-to-noise gibberish post attacks from curated Share Blue bot accounts.

I have countless ideas on controlling that. (another post)

Have a selection of tools to mitigate such attacks, by using api keys on internal calls, and api crypto signed session keys on all public https calls, to trivially discard stale sessions

Soros gave ANOTHER 18 billion dollars to use to open up USA borders and Europe and partially refund the Democratic party. 18 billion ! :

That is why you need all of the step above. At some point Soros will buy controlling interest in the weakest link in the chain above, but when voat of gab is funded its a game of whack-a-mole at that point.

There are thousands of colocation server buildings all over, and they cant buy the backbones to restrict gab or voat IP data packets else the backbone loses its vitally CRITICAL "common carrier" status and backbone goes bankrupt the next quarter,

Only US constitution changes by socialists can take down gab or voat in the future and a new US supreme court would be needed to chip away 1st amendment.

Note that in many countries VIRGIN WIFI SERVICE (Heathrow airport certainly), and even Apple iPhones on T-Mobile look at the ip you go to in your default web browser and block and, or slow you to a crawl.

Note that 6 months of provable increasing revenue can be used to garner MASSIVE amounts of US investor funding in this limited opportunity space.

Some free speech systems such as bitchute uses anonymous re-transmission using WebRTC , but they are bandwidth constrained and that will not impress investors.

Some free speech systems such as bitchute offer using your javascript engine for crypto mining to contribute, that will not impress investors unless you have astronomical amounts of participation.

You do not need investors ever again once your nest egg crosses 3 million dollars, as that might be enough to take on Soros-level wars. It then becomes wikipedia-level funded or linux-level funded or mozilla-level funded.

If you wants tens of millions but not strangle THIS free speech with conflicts of interest , create a new "Hatereon2"

Phase 2 : create a new "Hatereon2"!

A New Hatereon2 in 2019 at 8% overhead take, would generate over a million the second year in operation, and over probably over 5 million the next, but would need personel to keep fraud off it, and to pay back ripped off customers if selling hate goods: (MAGA Hats,Trump 2020, Blexit, pepe plushies)

But you need to buy a SWIFT capable actual micro-bank (110,000 to 250,000 dollars, plus a note on 1 million of assets), and probably 100,000 a year to run it properly.

US soil best, but caymen or bahama quickest and cheapest

US soil banks cost 20 million to startup and you will be attacked by (((them))) with relentless agitation investigations over a multitude of legal reasons. laundering, stacking and layering, obfuscation, RICO, tax evasion, yadda ydaa yadda. Its just part of doing business.

Offshore or onshore banks are only for hatreon2, because Hatereon2 can ONLY exist if it can take phone images of paper checks (EFT) or cash wire transfers from Safeway or drug store (SWIFT). Credit cards on Hatereon2 would require about 5 million to do properly, anything else goes through middle men that can sut you down between you and visa card.

We can Do This, Patriots!

signed - x13

Ohio student is charged with sending homophobic threats to herself, faces a potential 18 months in Prison | Daily Mail submitted by NorBdelta to news

x13 3 points 44 points (+47|-3) ago

95% of the time it is a HATE HOAX!

About 30% of the solved cases that made big news coverage are here in this incomplete online database :

Its true. For cases involving an arrest, the person caught or arrested for so-called "hate speech" is ALWAYS a Negro, Jew, Muslim, Gay or Lesbian. Almost ALWAYS. Remember, this is for solved investigations. 95%.

The number skyrockets to over 97% if the crime is an attack on a Synagogue , Islamic Mosque, or Black Church.

In 2018, when the FBI is involved in desecrated Synagogues , Islamic Mosques, or Black Churches. the FBI primarily focuses on finding the hoaxing Jew, mainly because the FBI has to find the criminal.

How many Jews went to jail for 15 or 10, or 5 or even 1 years for vandalizing Synagogues with hate speech terror? : how many? :NONE, they are all just "confused young jewish men". They are just to be pitied for being confused.

Meanwhile the local TV News NEVER EVER EVER shows the muslim, Jew, or lesbian hate hoaxer weeks later when arrested. NEVER ON TV.

This hate hoaxer will not go to jail on a hate crime charge GUARANTEED!

That's a nice "I Voted" sticker you have there... submitted by pickled to AskVoat

x13 2 points 43 points (+45|-2) ago


In cases that did this people used them to collect their 5 bucks in banana republic equivalent money.

The only thing that can maybe work is half of an encrypted and hashed full vote report where exactly half he data is stored in gov and you have half. putting the two pieces of paper together then running a decryption key of the gov over the full message for forensics in a recount, perhaps. But even that is a doorway into vote purchasing.

TL/DR : IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN ON EARTH, or else the richest pocketbook wins every race

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Republicans push through vote for Kavanaugh while Democrats MELT DOWN! 'The sweet taste of Liberal Tears' submitted by Kavwind to news

x13 25 points -25 points (+0|-25) ago

0 CCP shill ShareBlue, you are

Yeah it should have a purple haired tranny, A Congolese illegal alien, two fat black dykes, 2 old jew ladies, a Guatemalan midget, and a drooling hockey helmet wearing Retard in a wheelchair.


Actually, I feel most comfortable when a group of men look like a team that might have won a Nobel Prize in physics, not a socialist Bernie supporter rally.

These politicians look like they could have wona Nobel Prize in Physics to me, so thats is who makes me comfortable.

Known shills @x13 @godsangell @tallest_skil are taking over Voat submitted by wt1984yb to whatever

x13 15 points -14 points (+1|-15) ago

Hah! wt1984yb is manipulating you guys, wt1984yb's vendetta is getting tiresome.

Hey ! Lets point at the proof of wt1984yb getting BUTT-HURT by my facts last week! :

Bwahhh hahhh hahh hah! Give it up, Mr. Low IQ half-hispanic 15 year old butt-hurt loser, wt1984yb!

Read a book, or learn some basic math skills, wt1984yb

wt1984yb holds such a grudge when proven wrong, as i did in that link, that he goes around with his multiple accounts downvoting the educated people on voat out of envy or some misplaced jealous rage.

Known shills @x13 @godsangell @tallest_skil are taking over Voat submitted by wt1984yb to whatever

x13 14 points -13 points (+1|-14) ago


This is x13.

You are so wrong. Read our comment histories and posting histories!

Other than perhaps education level, we are vastly different people.

godsangell supports v/GreatAwakening and such, I never did!

In fact I created hate fests against v/GreatAwakening which you can trivially look up in my comment history (my beefs against the tyrant ignorant mod)

So certain, eh? You are making a fool of yourself.