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Former State Senator Linda Collins (GOP) arkancided in Little Rock submitted by suomy_the_nona to GreatAwakening

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She was a Q follower: Former Arkansas State Senator Calls into QAnon YouTube Channel (Attention, leftist's source)

Look at who is coming through first! Really? They knocked down that fence. What about the photographers all ready for their Pulitzer Prize photo ops! submitted by WhiteRonin to GreatAwakening

suomy_the_nona 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago

Yes, this is all staged. When you see such a photo, always think about where the photographer must have been. On the other side, where the alleged danger is? Inside an "explosion"?

The same here

And on this picture you see some of the other photographers:

One suggestion is to have own film teams accompanying the caravan to debunk the pictures.

An example from their way to Germany across the Hungarian border. A famous photo and how it was staged: Staged photo shooting at 6:45 And this is the photo taken in that scene and which went around the world in the msm: It lookes like they were pushed on the railway tracks but in the video footage you see how they really made it and the photographer helped to fake the scene. On the photo the helping police men seem to have pushed them down there. Photographers and journalist should be punished for those deliberately false stories.

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No coincidences? Horse named Barack Obama euthanized submitted by supranational_stoner to theawakening

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Someone confused this?

Please prepare for possible blackout! submitted by ythehorses to theawakening

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If internet ist shut down (not only fb etc) phone numbers won't work, too. Maybe receiving some information will work (tv, radio) but even this requires power available.

Please prepare for possible blackout! submitted by ythehorses to theawakening

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Ok, but will USPS infrastructure run without internet (sorting etc)?