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I want to organize a mass #pizzagate protest in front of the CNN building in Los Angeles. submitted by LA_Trump to pizzagate

pizzagatewillnotdie 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago

I was involved with the tea party and occupy movement. Both extremely valid and important grassroots movements that got co-opted by big players as soon as they started getting national media attention. Don't let that happen here.

RT France just published an Article about pizzagate. submitted by 0xFFF to pizzagate

pizzagatewillnotdie 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

Obviously you can take my recommendation with a grain of salt, but please consider not using derogatory terms against the right or left. Once this gets wings on the MSM, they will try to spin it as a partisan issue, and use it to further divide the country and increase hostility.

Here's me REPRODUCING the Alefantis facebook video posted by IsThisGameOfThrones. EASILY FAKED! submitted by unconceivable to pizzagate

pizzagatewillnotdie 2 points 20 points (+22|-2) ago

This guy is making a claim that could be libel, and sued in court if he's lying. Selling shirts is a bit on the questionable side, maybe. But how much do you think he'd make selling 100 shirts? Ever tried to sell shirts online, it's near impossible. It's not a get rich quick scheme, or make a bunch of money quick scheme. Nothing wrong with questioning his evidence of the threats, but I don't see the selling of shirts as a reason to immediately discredit his intentions.

I get the disdain for people trying to profit from the investigation. But how is it any different than Reality Calls or David Seaman (arguably some of the best faces for Pizzagate). They literally ask for donations. If you give 20 bucks to either of them for a donation, they get all of it. If you give 20 bucks for a shirt, he might get 3 or 4 bucks. I don't get the separation, in fact, it seems quite a bit less profitable to sell shirts than to directly ask for donations.

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Even Alt news is staying away from Pizzagate submitted by BrazenBull to pizzagate

pizzagatewillnotdie 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I'm not sure. MSM is so concentrated at this point, basically all media is owned by one of six corporations. I don't think any of them will seriously tackle this issue head on.

NYT is pushing the Russian Hackers and Fake news narrative in preparation of blaming Russia for "planted CP" submitted by h0neyRoasted to pizzagate

pizzagatewillnotdie 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I saw the picture, looked like normal porn to me. Just a closeup of an adult penis going into an adult vagina. Hanging on a wall inside what looked like an art gallery. Not sure why people assuming it was CP.

The "Pizza APP" is Real but the MODS @ /v/pizzagate don't want you to think about "SNUFF FILMS" made on the Pizza Blocks submitted by NumbCuck to pizzagate

pizzagatewillnotdie 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

The day before (video linked at the bottom of this post) video came out, Joe Biggs (previously of Infowars) made a tweet with a video showing a secret menu that had "supposedly" been hacked from Comet Ping Pong, allowing people to pay to torture children. Problem is, that document had already been debunked, in /r/pizzagate weeks before, and wasn't originally even allegedly stolen from comet, but from wethepizza. Read about the document here.

I watched it unfold in real time when it first came out. It was 2 guys that had the most popular thread on /r/pizzagate for 2 days. They started cracking when being pressured by the community for real evidence, kept postponing proof, talked about sharing 2gb of encrypted files that they supposedly stole from inside some pizza shop (wethepizza) they claimed was being used for child trafficking. Constantly changed their story and backtracked, avoiding answering any real questions. Then they said the cloned the pizza shops hard drive and were going to share the torrent of the encrypted hard drive. Over the course of two days they led the community on a wild goose chase, then apparently posted real CP (which was moronic). I'm not saying you have to believe it's fake, but everyone, including the the most prominent investigators/researchers came to the logical conclusion that they were either shills trying to get the subreddit shut down, or larpers just leading everyone on. Here is a file containing all pertinent threads from the /r/pizzagate subreddit, read the threads and come to your own conclusions. But I watched it all unfold over two days, and personally believe it was fake as well.

Below is a video with Biggs reading the fake document. SGTReport needs to take this video down, since the document has been proven false.