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Reddit's content has gone to shit., submitted: 7/20/2015 3:25:35 AM, 358 points (+361|-3)

You can see it coming a mile away... :-), submitted: 6/6/2016 6:39:35 PM, 280 points (+281|-1)

This guy lost weight and lost 20 years, too. Stop making excuses fatasses., submitted: 10/18/2015 3:52:16 PM, 214 points (+217|-3)

r/movies has gone private, submitted: 7/3/2015 12:58:45 AM, 211 points (+216|-5)

Triggered., submitted: 10/12/2015 9:38:52 AM, 207 points (+208|-1)

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The Number of Republicans Running for President is Too Damn High!, submitted: 7/14/2015 5:11:00 AM, -1 points (+1|-2)

Clinton invokes "vast right-wing conspiracy.", submitted: 7/8/2015 7:09:14 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

This doesn't happen often, but Whoopi & I are in total agreement about Cosby., submitted: 7/8/2015 6:55:09 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Holder returns to former law firm, Covington & Burling, submitted: 7/8/2015 7:05:21 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Top post in r/pics right now!, submitted: 7/3/2015 8:32:01 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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Bomb threat interrupts GamerGate panel at journalism conference submitted by fluffingtonthefifth to news

physicscat 1 points 188 points (+189|-1) ago

So if I'm reading this right....some SJWs out there are so upset about the perceived sexism in video games...that they called in bomb threats to interrupt a panel discussion, again, about video games.

All of these people are fucking insane.

BlackLivesMatter on Reddit went private with a message: "Fuck Bernie Sanders" submitted by DinduShoah to MeanwhileOnReddit

physicscat 2 points 52 points (+54|-2) ago

They're angry because they feel their movement isn't being supported.

Two things:

  1. When they start addressing black on black homicides, I might listen. Until's all lives matter, as it should be.

  2. Doing stupid shit like this is the exact reason they are receiving so little support.

This 19-Year-Old Will Spend the Next 25 Years as a Registered Sex Offender submitted by lilbro93 to news

physicscat 2 points 49 points (+51|-2) ago

What pisses me off the most is that the judge and state legislator don't care because they are too busy acting like they have the right to dictate their moral values on others.

This kids life is ruined because of a hook up. I wish these two asshokes had their youthful sexcapades made public. Asswipes.

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What were the real reasons WW2 started and how could you explain this to an actual five year old? submitted by Attac to AskVoat

physicscat 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

German and Japanese imperialism.

The dog knows. submitted by ExpertShitposter to funny

physicscat 16 points -9 points (+7|-16) ago

OMG that baby is freaking adorable!

Swedish meatballs submitted by kurigaru_san to fatpeoplehate

physicscat 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

I'm all for hating on fat people who voluntarily post pics of their gross disgusting fat online.

But at what point have we decided as a society that it is kosher to take pics of people in public and post them without their consent? This used to be frowned upon here when FPH was on Reddit and initially on Voat.