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Mr. Trump, this is your chance to prove that you are a good man. Pizzagate needs to be exposed NOW., submitted: 1/24/2017 4:37:03 PM, 0 points (+6|-6)

Jeff Sessions will be confirmed on Feb 9th - which is coincidentally National Pizza Day., submitted: 2/8/2017 6:02:17 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Luminous: A new film on Pizzagate in the making., submitted: 12/15/2016 4:21:05 PM, 1 points (+1|-0) for storing PG discussions and evidence?, submitted: 1/17/2017 5:22:40 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Suggestion: Have a sticky on the main PG subverse that list all the most relevant threads, submitted: 2/5/2017 4:26:48 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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Reposting David Seaman's Post submitted by Millennial_Falcon to pizzagate

newworldahead 7 points 87 points (+94|-7) ago

We all have to come together. David Seaman has done tremendous work in exposing Pizzagate. He's been very vocal about it since the beginning. We are on the same team. There are people who call him a disinfo agent, this is non sense. Recently he gave an interview to a sex trafficking survivor called Beckie Percy. This is awesome. We have a journalist on our side, people should welcome him HERE on the PG subverse instead of attacking him. This guy is on our side and can really help us in this investigation.

John Podesta Interview Voice Matches the Torture Video Voice submitted by lordofthekek to pizzagate

newworldahead 0 points 23 points (+23|-0) ago

I finally decided to watch this video... and I just feel like crying. I feel a very bitter mix of anger and extreme sadness right now. Children are fragile and innocent... doing these evil things to them is an unimaginable sin. I will never sleep, I will never stop investigating, I will never stop raising awareness on PG until all these psychopaths are dead or in prison. That's the promise I make to the children. I won't let you down.

To all the brave researchers here on voat and elsewhere, this mission of ours is sacred.

Alex Jones: "All you scumbag pedophiles...You wanna fight!? Get ready, you're gonna get it assholes!" submitted by noworldorder to pizzagate

newworldahead 3 points 22 points (+25|-3) ago

I really like Alex Jones. When he speaks it always comes from his heart. I don't always agree with him but there is no doubt he is the real deal. People who believe he is a disinfo agent are badly mistaken and are not using common sense. Think about it. His show was one of the main reason Donald Trump managed to get elected. Like him or not, AJ is the #1 red-piller in America. Does anyone think the deep state would be stupid enough to create a puppet who expose them 24/7?

Puppets of the deep state are MUCH MORE obvious in their tactics. Just think of Snopes, WaPo, NyTimes, CNN, FoxNews, Stephen Colbert, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed... etc.

If Alex Jones was a disinfo agent, he would be the worst disinfo agent in history. The deep state would have seen its mistake and would have take him down years ago. Alex Jones is sincere. I understand that some people don't like his style, but everyone should stop the "shill! disinfo!" non-sense about him.

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IMPORTANT - Avoid using #ALLCHILDRENMATTER hashtag for pizzagate demonstration event on March 25 submitted by AllChildrenMatter to pizzagate

newworldahead 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

And here comes shill tactic #1: Divide and conquer.

Showing your true colors eh redditsuckz? We know what you're trying to do and it will fail miserably.

Edit: Sunday on Voat is Shillday

I was on the fence about Craig Sawyer, but I'm calling complete BS after this: submitted by Mrs_Ogynist01 to pizzagate

newworldahead 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

How pathetic is it to watch some of you here, two years after pizzagate broke, STILL fighting against each other, calling you names and backstabbing each other.

I stopped visiting Voat a long time ago and now I remember why. This place is toxic, full of haters and cowards.

This is SHAMEFUL. Now continue hating and "exposing" each other thinking you are somehow helping the children. Sigh.

Asking the Voat Pizzagate community for the most hard hitting red pills for normies. Ive spoke about in the past using my popular YouTube page to fight Pizzagate. It's time. submitted by gamepwn to pizzagate

newworldahead 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

The most hard hitting red pill for normies... hmm, I'd say pouring a ice bucket on their head followed by a heartfelt "WAAAAAKE UUUUUP!" scream. Then a genuine hug with you saying "It was for your own good, « insert normie name here ». I love you".