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The Digital Media Administrator at the Foreign Services Institute of the U.S. Department of State in Arlington Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Production submitted by dtneslo to pizzagate

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In my eyes any adult that gets off on dressing as a comic 'hero' is suspect. As a matter of fact, I find this whole modern culture of infantalisation suspect. That's part of the 'make pedophilia acceptable' agenda.

Human leather and the story of HeLa stem cell research leads to pedophilia and the satanic roots of the atomic industry submitted by letsdothis2 to pizzagate

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For Mrs. Lacks and ten-thousands of innocent unwitting victims, the 1950’s was a terrible time of this nation’s most horrific and callous human medical experimentation abuses. It was the time of covert cold-war human radiation experiments conducted under a veil of secrecy by some of the leading universities of the nation including Johns Hopkins University. Dated April 17, 1947, an Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) memorandum, stamped SECRET and addressed to the attention of a Dr. Fidler, at the AEC in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, reads in part as follows: “Subject: EXPERIMENTS ON HUMANS

In 1950, Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies (ORINS) opened a hospital where it conducted clinical research for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission on the use of radiation and radioactive materials in cancer treatment. The hospital treated patients until the mid-1970s. ORINS also conducted training courses in radioisotopes and established resident training programs in nuclear medicine.

Johns Hopkins University was an ORINS Consortium University involved in classified human radiation experimentation for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. In the 1980s, clinical research at ORINS consortium universities was the subject of investigation by the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments.

As part her therapy for cervical cancer, a Johns Hopkins surgeon, Dr, Lawrence Wharton, Jr., stitched a tube containing 4800 mg-h of radium capsules to the wall of Mrs.  Lacks’ cervix for twenty-four hours with 111500 Roentgen X-Ray therapies. The radium and x-ray therapies were presumed to slow down mitosis (splitting) of the cancerous cells. The radium was provided by the U.S. ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION USA, OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE. [11]

Radium is an alkaline earth metal that is found in trace amounts in uranium ores. It is extremely radioactive. Its most stable isotope, Ra, has a half-life of 1602 years and decays into radon gas. [12]

As the surgeon removed the radium capsules at that point he took a biopsy of Mrs. Lacks’ cancerous tumor and normal tissue. [13] On February 9, 1951, Dr. Wharton then sent the radium and Roentgen X-Ray laced tissues and the normal tissues for study to Johns Hopkins Tissue Culture Laboratory ran by German descendent Dr. George Otto Gey and his wife Margaret. For whatever reasons, the radium and x-ray therapies had the opposite effect it exploded mitosis of the cancerous cells at an atomic/nuclear rate which within months consumed Mrs. Lacks’ entire body and organs. The Gey’s said sarcastically that Mrs. Lacks’ tissue cells grew like “crabgrass.”

Contrary to Ms. Skott’s subtle attempt to rewrite Mrs. Lacks’ medical history and steer us clear of Mrs.  Lacks’ radium tissue infectivity, Dr. Gey’s HeLa cell culture was the U.S. ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION USA, OAK RIDGE, TENNESSEE radium tainted super charged tissue, and it continued to literally microscopically atomically explode in mitosis in the air in infinity.  

On October 4, 1951, Mrs. Lacks’ life expired after great sadness and suffering. She passed away poor in a racially segregated ward of Johns Hopkins University Hospital. An autopsy was taken of Mrs. Lacks in the basement of the hospital. Dr. Ella Oppenheimer of Johns Hopkins preformed the autopsy instead of a local coroner. Dr. Oppenheimer was a prominent member of Baltimore’s aristocratic society. Dr. Oppenheimer was the chief of the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health, Washington, D. C., Department of Public Health.

In 1948, Oppenheimer’s Child Bureau funded radium irradiation experiments on poor helpless hearing impaired children at a clinic in Hagerstown, MD by her Johns Hopkins colleague, Dr. Samuel J. Crowe.

Dr. Gey said that the HeLa cell line was named after “Harriet Lane.“ [16] Most assume that Dr. Gey deliberately misnamed the cell tissue donor to preserve Mrs.  Lacks’ anonymity. However, the motive behind Gey’s lie was far more self-serving, cynical and condescending.  It was a sick inside joke. It was coded.

At the time of the Dr. Gey’s press conference, the Harriet Lane Home for Invalid Children was a covert CIA-MK ULTRA human guinea pig ranch. Children were regularly taken from a Pediatric Clinical Research Unit at Harriet Lane to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C. for CIA-MK ULTRA drug and mind control experiments.[18]  Since the late 1940’s, Johns Hopkins had been a major covert CIA human guinea pig institution. [19]

Also during the time of Dr. Gey’s press conference, there were even more sinister covert human medical experimentations taking place at Johns Hopkins. From 1948-1954, Johns Hopkins University Hospital ran a covert Nasal Radium Irradiation human medical experiment on 291 elementary students from Baltimore City public schools. Each child was irradiated with radium for 12 minutes in each nostril, 50 milligrams per dose, on at least three separate occasions. The experiment was known as research project B-19. It was funded by the National Institutes of Health, then a division of the U.S. Public Health Service. Most of the poor children subjected to the radium experiment later suffered greatly from malignant cancerous tumors of the brain, neck, mouth and throat. Some of them, all of their teeth fell out. It was another hideous inhumane U.S. ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION project of Dr. Samuel J. Crowe. 

There was also a sinister side of HeLa. For the first time in medical history, military-industrial complex scientist had human cell lines that they could use as some sort of mixer to create new forms of mutant diseases like AIDS that the world has never seen before by coaxing animal and bird viruses into human cells for covert military genetic and biological warfare projects.

Well we know about the satanic nature of the US Atomic Energy Commission, right?

The Origins of NASA

Early in 1958, the Executive Branch and the Congress began to organize to reclaim American leadership in space. In February, the Senate crested a Special Committee on Space and Astronautics, chaired by Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, and the House created the Select Committee on Aeronautics and Space Exploration, chaired by House Majority Leader John W. McCormack. 44 Several organizations began to lobby these committees and the Administration to win control of the space program. Senator Clinton Anderson, chairman of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, proposed amending the Atomic Energy Act in order to give the Atomic Energy Commission a major role in space. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, which was building Explorers I, II, and III, lobbied to became the national space laboratory.

Jack Parsons and the Occult Roots of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

[That history connects Hubbard of Scientology, and Crowley]

Writing to Crowley, Parsons said of Hubbard, “I deduced that he is in direct touch with some higher intelligence. He is the most Thelemic person I have ever met and is in complete accord with our own principles.” On that basis, Hubbard was invited to stay at the Parsonage, and was soon initiated into the secrets of the O.T.O.

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Jim Jordan tweets on data not received from DOJ .... [the panic is so thick DC is frozen] submitted by Vibratron to GreatAwakening

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What's the Ohio State locker room story all about?

This deserved it's own post: Possible Obama dressed as Moloch photo found on Instagram submitted by IShallNotFear to pizzagate

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Found another Gover twitter account. This one is private:

However, google gives us :

ping pong table anyone?

Danielle Gover twitter pics:

Jimmy Savile was a tour manager for the Beatles submitted by letsdothis2 to pizzagate

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I originally posted this as a comment and then was asked to post it in its own right.

I understand your sentiments when one finds that beloved music and musicians are now subject to this type of scrutiny and in connection with such a sordid subject. Believe it or not, I have to deal with that too. HOWEVER, if you are a regular to this forum you will understand how these links paint a picture of a culture that has largely been engineered by Tavistock and the intelligence services and always linking back to the British Establishment.

The more you know the more quickly you can spot red flags in news stories. If it's too much for you, don't read the posts.