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Why aren't muslims vandalizing synagogues?, submitted: 4/22/2019 1:37:07 AM, 222 points (+227|-5)

Australian plan to fast-track white farmer visas, submitted: 3/15/2018 6:27:30 AM, 94 points (+96|-2)

I voted for Patrick Little yesterday at the Commiefornia rigged elections, submitted: 6/7/2018 1:45:52 AM, 85 points (+93|-8)

Local 14 year old commits suicide over (((Gender Identity))) issues, submitted: 5/25/2018 12:38:26 AM, 73 points (+79|-6)

Any American Biz speaking out against massacres in South Africa?, submitted: 3/4/2018 3:26:55 AM, 71 points (+72|-1)

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Ronald Dump: Doing exactly what he said he wouldn't, submitted: 3/10/2018 10:54:50 PM, -11 points (+5|-16)

Do you support members here who support jews?, submitted: 3/17/2018 8:53:52 PM, -9 points (+2|-11)

Video: Are Trump Fans Retarded?, submitted: 3/16/2018 7:22:53 PM, -8 points (+2|-10)

Trump is (((Hope and Change))) for the Right, submitted: 3/8/2018 4:27:10 AM, -8 points (+3|-11)

(((Trump))), submitted: 3/3/2018 4:31:13 AM, -8 points (+4|-12)

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Funny how you get fired from ANY job in USA easily for not being good at your job EXCEPT ONE: POLICE. Why is that? submitted by eqi397 to whatever

jewd_law 3 points 54 points (+57|-3) ago

You forgot almost all Gov't workers. I live in Sacramento and half of these people are incompetent, mentally ill, drunk during work etc. You couldn't fire them if you tried - and don't forget their undeserved pensions.

Edit, this in rebuttal to your response: the amount of people the police kill vs the amount of people that jewish wars kill is not even on the same level. How about we start where the REAL corruption is in this country? With the jewish supremacists and dual citizens running it and creating war and poverty. Why is it (((they))) can kill huge amounts of innocent non-jews through debt wars, terrorism a'la 9/11 false flags, endless military war and spending, manufactured race wars, controlling the drug trade and pharmaceutical deaths via their endless pill pushing, ad nauseam and not get fired?

I also am not saying that police corruption is not a problem, it is, but it is not the crux of what our problem is in regards to the destruction of this country.

Reddit just banned /r/airsoftmarket. Fuckin' AIRSOFT MARKET. submitted by discoball to whatever

jewd_law 5 points 44 points (+49|-5) ago

If jews have their way they'll be banning air. that's probably why their noses are so big, Air is still free.

Real men use them submitted by boekanier to whatever

jewd_law 1 points 32 points (+33|-1) ago

Real women use the kitchen

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I guess I'm single now Lol submitted by Poopandawater to whatever

jewd_law 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago

"And ladies, don't give boyfriends husband privileges."

BF Husband privileges? You mean like us paying for 97% of alimony and child support?! the fuck outta here w/ that shit. What a woman does w her partner is her business and neither feminists nor the (((state))) should have any biz in that. BTW, nice name, 'Empress'... princess complex much?

Pepelangelo submitted by voatuser1128 to whatever

jewd_law 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

Pepe the frog is kike controlled oppo and this is just another ho looking for attention. If she actually wanted to paint something of meaning she should've done something like this:

Schlomo Mural

BLACK PANTHER Who Used Fake 911 Call To Ambush and MURDER TWO NYPD COPS Will WALK FREE...After Telling Parole Board He Learned To Play Flute...Got Masters Degree In Prison submitted by Scrooblemeyer to whatever

jewd_law 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

What's up with all these BS (((Breitbart))) links and why are you NEVER critical of israhell or the jews? And who gives a fuck about 2 kangz when we are being bled dry by ZOG. And if you want to talk about 'fake 9/11' you should start with how MOSSAD 'faked' the (((official narrative))).