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Israel must learn how to be multicultural. It's a huge transformation to make, but it must happen, otherwise it will not survive. And Westerners will be at the center of it., submitted: 11/3/2018 2:32:05 AM, 198 points (+199|-1)

EVERY. FUCKING. TIME, submitted: 4/1/2019 4:05:34 AM, 197 points (+198|-1)

MDE town of the year, submitted: 10/19/2018 1:02:17 AM, 177 points (+180|-3)

Soon in the next civil war, submitted: 9/26/2018 5:43:41 PM, 171 points (+172|-1)

Yes, goy. Keep watching porn and masturbating, submitted: 11/8/2018 2:05:13 AM, 131 points (+136|-5)

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wtf, I hate the Beatles now submitted by indr4 to milliondollarextreme

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Do you know that song called "The Lavon Affair" by Metallica? It's pretty nasty and full of bigotry

The so-called superiority of the Jews submitted by happycutie to milliondollarextreme

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Don't forget the diligent parenting. Meanwhile the paranoia and the scheming urge them with the need for good education and authoritative (not authoritarian) parenting, the goyim have been fooled into thinking that a "flexible" parenting style is better and that the only alternative is to be the authoritarian abusive tv father stereotype, thus letting their kids to be educated by a tv and a smartphone

Account Deleted By User submitted by Shekeller to milliondollarextreme

ffuentesbot 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago

If psychology had not been hijacked by Shlomo Freudenstein a lot of political problems would not exist.

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Pennywise is about Adrenochrome farming submitted by David_Duke_Nukem to milliondollarextreme

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Account Deleted By User submitted by Shekeller to milliondollarextreme

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t. double digits iq

Power Rangers, Assemble! submitted by ItsBad to milliondollarextreme

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didn't look like a kraut neither