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When PizzaGate Investigators Found that Besta-Pizza BLOCK was SAUDI Owned ALL Shit hit the fan Two Days Ago - GOOGLE has Muted ALL submitted by chelseasPizza to pizzagate

chelseasPizza 2 points 59 points (+61|-2) ago

If the American People found out that for 20+ years the Clinton Foundation has been supplying Sex-Slaves, Child Snufff Videos, and Satanic Child Abuse events on behalf of Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Arab Emigrates. All HELL would break loose upon WASH-DC.

This is worse than Aliens, A story like this MUST be silenced at all costs. This is why MILO was told to shut-up, and why Bigg's has quit INFOWARS, and why the cops did the false-flag yesterday.

All stops are now being pulled to shutdown PizzaGate ASAP. The entire world would quit using the US-DOLLAR if the world found out that it was just a front for child-rape-murder. People in South America to ASIA would burn US-DOLLARS and US-FLAGS.

The US-GOV is not left-right, or demonCrat or rePUGican, its DEEP-STATE money power elite, who have been child fucking since Albert Pike. So long as white elite were fucking the children of the poor it was all good, but now we have Arab's fucking the white children of the elite, the system can no longer excuse itself or find higher moral ground.

CIA COUP to Destroy Trump's Presidency is Being Orchestrated by 'Saudi Child Fuckers" Who Feel After 40+ Year They OWN the USA - FUCK the Saudis I say submitted by chelseasPizza to pizzagate

chelseasPizza 1 points 19 points (+20|-1) ago

PizzaGate this is ALL about Pizzagate

Let’s be clear about what we actually know – and, just as importantly, what we don’tknow — about the WikiLeaks email releases:

1) There is not a lick of evidence that the Russians, or anyone else, “hacked” the DNC/Podesta emails. That is, we don’t know if someone used electronic means to obtain them, or if it was an insider, i.e. a person with access who subsequently turned them over to WikiLeaks

2) It is nearly impossible to trace the source of a hack using “scientific,” i.e. purely technical, means. As cyber-security expert Jeffrey Carr puts it, the methods of the professional cyber-security industry are essentially what he calls “faith-based attribution.” Furthermore, the methodology that firms such as CrowdStrike used in supposedly uncovering the “Russian hackers” in the DNC case are classic examples of confirmation bias and laughably inadequate.

3) Julian Assange denies that the Russians are the source of the emails, and although he refuses to identify the person or persons responsible, someone he has worked closely with and his known to have his confidence, Craig Murray, is now telling us that it wasn’t a hack, it was an insider who leaked the documents. That this is being steadfastly ignored in the American media is hardly surprising: after all, it was WikiLeaks that exposed the “mainstream” media’s active collaboration with the Clinton campaign, and the media was clearly in Clinton’s camp.

4) A key element of the CIA campaign is that the Republican National Committee was also hacked by the same Russian spooks, and yet nothing was posted on WikiLeaks Note how this assumes the premises of the conspiracy theorists: that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC/Podesta emails and that WikiLeaks is merely an extension of the Kremlin. Also note that the Republican National Committee denies it was hacked, and furthermore please note the fact that Colin Powell’s emails were indeed posted by DC Leaks, along with routine emails from various GOP operatives that had no particular significance.

Trump Asks Why Intelligence Committee Isn't Probing The Clintons submitted by Kim_Jong_Ungh to politics

chelseasPizza 3 points 5 points (+8|-3) ago

Nunes is running the investigation, Trump just met with him yesterday.

Why didn't Trump ask Nunes the status of his investigation on the Clintons?

Seems like some rhetoric by Trump to act like its all out of his hands; He has the power.

Just yesterday he created the new USA-SWAT-TEAM and made Kushner ( son in law ) the leader, KUSHNER has the power and the ability to go after anybody, or business in the USA; So why doesn't KUSHNER go after the CLINTONS if they're really considered to be criminals ( in the real world ) ??

Lastly, we all know CLINTONS have over $3 BILLION USD in CASH held in DUBAI / Quatar bank accounts, money accrued from 30+ years of running "Clinton Foundation", why is the IRS NOT following this money and making claims?

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Trump: "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" submitted by NeedleStack to politics

chelseasPizza 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

FBI anon say's its KUSHNER making these tweets, then the question beg's to be asked, why does Kushner want Pence in, and Trump out? Will Pence keep Kushner around, or make him VP?

Trey Gowdy seems to think that Trump is dirty, that Comey was going to prove that Trump has been illegally financing his golf courses past ten years with Russian Mafia money.

Trey Gowdy just had two investigators die, who were trying to find the Epstein Log books to fuck-island kept by Clinton at Clinton Library. The logs show that Trump went to Orgy Island 100's of times. That he took Ivanka, that Trump & Epstein had Ivanka, that Epstein recorded videos which proves that Trump put his own daughter in harms way at Orgy Island.

Trump's going down, and Trump tried to take Comey out. Did Comey record shit? Fuck yes.

Trump: "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" submitted by NeedleStack to politics

chelseasPizza 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

FBI anon says that Kushner is making all these tweets and not Trump.

BREAKING: McMasters Exposed As White House Leaker submitted by OrwellianChronicle to politics

chelseasPizza 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

McMasters is a soldiers-soldier a real patriot, having the jew-msm destroy his good name would make perfect sense, they need to remove all the good men, so they Trump can be left alone with the zionists

If McMaster made a leak, it was only so the American people would know about who are the swamp creatures in DC.