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/v/TheDonald Vs. /v/ThePedes right now., submitted: 5/20/2017 1:26:47 PM, 341 points (+355|-14)

Cnn on the recent Sean Spicer controversy, submitted: 4/12/2017 12:32:30 AM, 173 points (+175|-2)

No one cared who I was until I put in the vest., submitted: 12/8/2018 2:42:52 PM, 172 points (+175|-3)

Found a vote farm hidden behind deleted comments., submitted: 5/15/2017 7:43:05 PM, 160 points (+160|-0)

Trump says no to internet spying and H1B abuse, yes to space exploration and science, submitted: 9/14/2016 6:20:14 AM, 135 points (+137|-2)

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nothing,nowhere. - i've been doing well (Official Music Video), submitted: 4/28/2016 11:49:33 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

I'll never be able to trust again., submitted: 4/7/2017 3:20:56 AM, 0 points (+7|-7)

Sabaton - Shiroyama, submitted: 8/26/2016 11:45:33 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Here is what the Alt-Right is really about and why you're killing it., submitted: 9/20/2016 6:29:51 PM, 1 points (+3|-2)

Dire Straits - Six Blade Knife, submitted: 5/5/2016 9:05:32 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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Quick update submitted by AccountZero to ThePedes

bbylon 3 points 80 points (+83|-3) ago

It doesn't take much to figure out the motives from v/TheDonald's powermods (itself a copy of our The_Donald). They want to control the pedes.

Meanwhile you're the ones deleting posts with hundreds of upvoats.

Your mod-log Vs. TheDonalds mod-log. And keep in mind that you've only been here for 2 days while TheDonald has been here for over a year, yet you've deleted double the amount of submissions.

This girl, Fiorina, is running for office in France submitted by dayofthehope to politics

bbylon 0 points 49 points (+49|-0) ago

This got me intrigued enough to do a quick search on her name. Apparently she recently lost her eye due to a clash with police officers during one of the yellow vest demonstrations. Even though it sucks to hear about what she had to go through having an eye-patch would really cement her image as the perfect anti-Macron/establishment candidate.

This is of course assuming that I'm reading about the right person. Can anyone confirm that she's the same gal from this article?

Today, the United Nations wishes us a Happy Parent's Day. The agenda is so obvious,you have to be wilfully blind not to see it. (((Kalergi Plan))) submitted by Hanzo-Hasashi to politics

bbylon 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

Not even the UN was able to find a mutt with a father.

Hold on to your sides if you're going to read what kind of comments this tweet generated

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(((diversity))) submitted by reeeeeeeeeeeeee to Identitarian

bbylon 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

I'm with Markrod420 on this one. My grandfather fought in WWII and although I never saw it in action, I've heard stories about how he suffered mental breakdowns every time planes flew over his house. My mother and her siblings would have to leave the room as he barricaded himself and went into complete shut-down for an hour each time. If you want to call the German troops pussies then that's on you.

(((diversity))) submitted by reeeeeeeeeeeeee to Identitarian

bbylon 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

I was using him as an example of how serious ptsd can be. He's unfortunately not alive today.

Of course I care about the girl. I also care about her family and friends that might stumble upon a post titled (((Diversity))) and think that there couldn't possibly be anything in here that would further damage their mental well-being.

Adam Sandler Promotes Pedophilia submitted by EarlPoncho to pizzagate

bbylon 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

It just seems to me that it would fit better in /v/Pizzagatewhatever since it doesn't really add anything to the investigation. We all knew already that Hollywood is pushing degeneracy, it's not like there's anything special about this scene that can't be found in most other movies produced by kikes.

The post seems to breaking rule 1 in the sidebar. I guess it's up to the mods whether this is directly related to Pizzagate or not.