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BREAKING: Trump Administration Announces Bump Stock Ban submitted by SchwiftyJew to news

basedmangod2015 13 points 32 points (+45|-13) ago

trump is jew rat, voting 3rd party in 2020

Met this success story about a month ago! She told me she changed her life when she was tired of being the way she was! Obesity is a disease of the mind! submitted by Plant_Boy to fatpeoplehate

basedmangod2015 7 points 19 points (+26|-7) ago

this is a very positive post, we need more stuff like this, thank you

That new Captain Marvel in nutshell submitted by killer7 to funny

basedmangod2015 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

i hear what you're saying, but superheros arent real in the first place.

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Genetic warfare. submitted by ExpertShitposter to milliondollarextreme

basedmangod2015 29 points -29 points (+0|-29) ago

you're just jealous you don't have anyone white or black to fuck, enjoy you loneliness

FBI Communication on Discovery of Hillary Clinton E-mails on Anthony Weiner's Laptop Computer submitted by yurisrevenge to news

basedmangod2015 24 points -24 points (+0|-24) ago

lol nice try anthony weiners laptop isnt going to win you another election

Account Deleted By User submitted by 56031t to politics

basedmangod2015 20 points -19 points (+1|-20) ago

just because the cute girl next door would rather fuck tyrone from around the block than fuck you doesnt mean whites are the victim of genocide.