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FBI Investigator Charged With Child Rapes Found Dead in New York City Hotel Room Just Hours Before Plea Deal Testimony submitted by ESOTERICshade to pizzagate

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Here is another source on Ward's death, local Boston news station. Definitely suspicious, Ward's own lawyer said he had already cut a plea deal where he would only get 18 months. The fact that he worked in computer investigations in the NYC branch of the FBI definitely makes me think Anthony Weiner's laptop, obviously have no proof though. Worth also pointing out, that CDAN (Crazy Days and Nights), has released some "blind items" about two celebrities (mostly people speculate are Anthony Weiner and Jared Fogle), that are rumored to be angling for deals with the feds, where they would divulge info about other elite perpetrators in exchanged for reduced sentences.

Important Update on Franklin Scandal's Lawrence E King and his "Protector" Thomas Moorehead (Owner of Rolls Royce Dealership in Sterling, VA) (PART 1) submitted by Surviveandheal15 to pizzagate

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Here is another very interesting source on Warren Buffet, Sherman Skolnick. I don't know if folks on here know about Skolnick, but I think he is a very good source, in many ways, for our cause. Sherman was a long-time political activist and conspiracy researcher based in Chicago. He had this activist group called "Citizens Committee to Clean Up the Courts" which investigated judicial corruption. In 1969, Sherman's group unearthed evidence of corruption, that led to the resignation of two members of the Illinois State Supreme Court. I believe to this day, those are two of the highest-ranking Judges taken down by citizen activism. The Special Counsel who investigated this corruption just so happened to be John Paul Stevens. This case brought Stevens to fame, and he would go on to be a Supreme Court Justice (resigned in 2010). Sherman passed away in 2006, here is his obituary in the Chicago Tribune.

Skolnick wrote a 16-part series called "Coca-Cola, the CIA, and the Courts," where he goes into detail about Warren Buffet's "relationship" with the CIA and Coca-Cola. Here is what he has to say about Buffet:

"A major player in The Coca-Cola Company has been Warren Buffet. If you are naive and believe in fairy tales, then you believe he made his great fortune through crafty operation starting with a department store in Omaha. To heckle him, some of his critics pronounce his name,French-style, phonetically Buffay. Buffet became a major owner of Coke stock and held a position on their Board of Directors. Few, if any, dare even whisper that Buffet's fortune is reportedly based on operating companies that are money laundries and propaganda horns for the American CIA. The list would have to include CIA adjuncts such as the Wells Fargo Bank, helping CIA's Pacific basin operations, and the CIA-apologist, The Washington Post Company. (Read, if you can find it, Deborah Davis' book, "Katherine the Great" about the Washington Post and the CIA.

**To understand Warren Buffet, who mouths off his wonders at universities training so-called would-be business stars, you would have to be a profound investigator, from mostly secret sources, on the worldwide dope trafficking by the American CIA. When you are knowledgeable on that, then, and only then, do you understand the financial buffoon, Warren Buffet. **

VERY interesting how so many roads lead right back to the CIA, eh??

DOJ Link - Core Pizzagate & Weinergate submitted by Blacksmith21 to pizzagate

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Thanks a lot for posting this, this deserves a LOT more digging, IMO

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The Dark Tunnels of McMartin by Dr. Roland C. Summit submitted by Surviveandheal15 to pizzagate

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Also, I have heard Ted Gunderson was very possibly a schill from other sources as well. But just because he says something about McMartin, does that in and of itself disprove the validity of the McMartin case??

CIA Researcher Douglas Valentine's (Author of "The Phoenix Program") Insights on Why People like Lawrence E King can "Hide in Plain Sight" (PART 1) submitted by Surviveandheal15 to pizzagate

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John DeCamp in "The Franklin Cover-Up" said that Bill Colby in the 80s worked for a time as a consultant on the Franklin scandal when the Nebraska legislature was investigating it, through their "Franklin" special committee. DeCamp had this to say about Colby's involvement with trying to expose the Franklin Scandal: "Bill Colby was the heart and soul of the Franklin investigation. Although at a certain point he warned me against investigating the case further, it was he who relentlessly pushed to publicly expose what had already been discovered, when everyone else, including, at times, myself, wanted to call it quits. Without him, this book would never have been written."